Movie Review: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

I like to watch funny movies as well as adventure-themed films. Having these two elements combined in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island made it much more enjoyable to see.

My friends and I had a chance to catch this film in IMAX 3D so the experience was enhanced even more. I love all the special effects, the colorful and whimsical creatures on the island, and the thought that "What if, there really are magical places that exist in this world?"

I marvel at the brains behind the movie who had the imagination to come up with such amazing and fantastic creations. Imagine riding on a bumble bee that's big as an elephant or being chased by large birds and a huge momma lizard all over wild and new terrain!

In this sequel, Josh Hutcherson reprises his role as Sean, the boy who traveled to the center of the earth in the 2008 global box office hit. He has the makings of a good action star in the future. The one who shined the most in the movie though would have to be Dwayne Johnson who plays Hank, Sean's stepfather. Johnson has great comedic timing. He could be really funny but he also has scenes where his character would touch you deeply. I'd say one of the best ones in the movie was right after he sang while playing the ukulele.  

Vanessa Hudges is an eye candy. She's pretty and sexy and played the character Kailani with confidence. The dynamics between her and Luiz Guzman (who plays her father) is well executed. Guzman's character, Gabato, is hilarious and clueless most of the time but he means well and wants the best for his daughter.  Michael Kane plays Alexander, Sean's adventurous and slightly irresponsible grandfather while Kristin Davis plays Sean's mother.

Aside from several jaw-dropping and scream-inducing moments (I sheepishly admit I gave out a shriek or two during the screening because the 3D effects are really great), the story leaves audiences with the heartwarming lesson that getting along with one's family is very important and that children would do well to try and understand where their parents are coming from once in a while.

I recommend this film to be watched by all ages. Kids and parents alike would find it fun and touching at the same time. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island starts showing in Philippine cinemas this February 2. It is a New Line Cinema presentation to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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