Friday, December 02, 2011

Somedaydream Releases Self-Titled Debut Album

Even if the name Somedaydream doesn't ring a bell yet, I’d bet you have already seen the new Selecta Cornetto Disc commercial where the song “Hey Daydreamer” is featured. Watch this and listen:

Sounds familiar now? Hey Daydreamer is actually Somedaydream’s first single which continues to make waves in the music industry since its first radio airing in January of this year. Listen to the song in full (watch the electronic version here and acoustic version here) and enjoy the refreshing sound from a very talented young man named Rez Toledo who was recently chosen as Yahoo OMG Award’s Breakout Artist for 2011 and selected as one of Yahoo Philippines Icons for 2011.

Somedaydream is Rez’s solo project, the first OPM electronic act to hit big on the mainstream. He is mentored and managed by former Hale vocalist turned solo artist Champ Lui Pio, another exceptionally talented music artist. After much anticipation from thousands of fans, SOMEDAYDREAM, the album, was formally launched a day after Rez celebrated his 21st birthday last Sept. 28. I wasn't able to stick around for the actual performances but Rez did sing Digital Love, a Daft Punk cover, during the press con. You can watch the video I took here.

The album features his two hit singles “Hey Daydreamer” and “Delivery Boys”, additional tracks like “Do-do With You”, “Sing This Song”, and “Break”, plus the acoustic version of “Hey Daydreamer”. Although I’ve heard Rez sing several of the songs during a few live performances, it’s great to finally have them compiled in a CD that can be played more often.

I like Hey Daydreamer very much, but I think I love Delivery Boys more because it has meaningful messages for Filipinos both young and old. This inspiring song features Tagalog words that go, “Batang bata pa tayo at marami pang kailangan matutunan / Panalangin nating di malilimutan / Sakit sa ulo ang patalong Pilipino na di marunong makisama sa pagpaplano / Paano natin gagawin itong pagbabago”

All songs in the album are written, produced, and arranged by Rez which is quite an admirable feat for someone as young as he is. When I interviewed him a few months ago for a magazine article, I instinctively knew that this lad's passion in what he does will take him far. It’s also not surprising to hear people refer to Champ and Rez as the Dream Team because they apparently work together very well.

Please support Original Pilipino Music! Get your dose of “Happiness and Joy and Love” by getting a copy of Somedaydream's album which is now out in CDs under Mecca Music and MCA Music. I’m pretty sure you’ll also love listening to the songs. Somedaydream also has a single that's just right for the holiday season entitled “Christmas in Purple” which can be downloaded by texting SD to 2346.

And, as a thank you to the readers of this blog who keep visiting to read posts about Somedaydream, I asked Rez to sign a copy of the article I wrote about him in CodeRED magazine. (More details about that writeup here). Champ is also featured there but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to have him sign the page anymore because he was already busy being interviewed by someone by the time I had to leave the album launch for another appointment.

So ... I’m giving away the magazine copy (the one Rez is holding in the photo) to one lucky Somedaydream fan! You'll get to know more about him (and Champ) when you read that writeup :) Simply leave a comment under this blog post about why you love Somedaydream’s music then …

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3) Deadline of entries will be on 12MN of December 20. Winner will be chosen through an electronic draw via and announcement will be made on December 21 in time for an early Christmas gift :) I'll send the magazine to the winner via courier as soon as I get his/her mailing address.

* To read previous blog posts about Somedaydream, click here. For more photos during the album launch press con, visit Orange Magazine TV's Facebook page.

Edit - Dec. 23 (sorry for the delay, toxic work week): Blog giveaway winner is now announced at WBL's Facebook page. Please click here to know who it is. Thank you to all who joined. Please visit this blog often for more giveaways coming up soon :)


rachel regaspi said...

I love somedaydream's music because it is new and refreshing in our ears. And he is so talented when you first hear his song hey daydreamer you thought it's another foreign act but not. His songs are really inspiring to Filipino's especially in Delivery Boys. Somedaydream is one of the reasons why you should love and support OPM. Somedaydream is a gift to all OPM lovers.

Princess Moldez said...

I love Somedaydream's music because it's a really different kind of Genre which is the electro pop. It's His own, Rarely to hear and uplifting Filipino's spirit. It makes an Individual turn to the other side of Filipinos. Somedaydream's music really stands-out! :)

Janelli Dizon said...

I just accidentally heard somedaydream song at my cousin's phone and suddenly I'm a big fan of na!!!! Somedaydream music has a sweet tunes. LOVE AND TRIP KONG PAKINGGAN LAGI. Kakainlove ang lambing ng boses and bagay ang mga songs! Great job! ♥♥♥

Krisha Mae Ditan said...

i love Somedaydream's music because it is an electopop music which i thought the same music as Kpop. I'm a kpop addict since high school but when i heard the song Hey Daydreamer and knew that the singer behind it was a Filipino, I am truly amazed of that. That proves that OPM is not only about rock, rnb and ballad music but also electropop music. As said by Rez a.k.a Somedaydream, electropop music is widely spread in our country but unnoticeable, so he tend to reintroduce it with his music. His music are also optimistic like in Delivery Boys, which make an inspiring statement to all of the Filipinos. Somedaydream is a great start for other OPM artist to lift up the OPM music, and we Filipinos must support them.