Friday, December 16, 2011

FTX / Fitness Exchange: A Place for Fun Intense Fusion Training

A new workout place has just been opened in the heart of Makati City and it's unlike any other gym I've ever been to! FTX is not crowded with a lot of bulky exercise machines. Except for the treadmills on one wall, most of the equipment take up less space than regular fitness equipment many of us are used to seeing or using.

The night we went there, my friends and I got to witness very fit members of the FTX staff demonstrate some of their CirQFit Signature Exercises. They went from one fitness section to another until they completed the full routine. The exercises are short but intensive and are apparently very effective. 

Reijo del Prado, FTX's managing partner and image model told us how he went down from weighing 180+lbs (if I got my numbers right) down to around 130lbs from May to August of this year.

Aside from the CirQFit exercises, we also watched an instructor do Fly Yoga. She's so graceful and her body's so pliant, I couldn't help but wonder if I'd ever get to that level of flexibility if I do that kind of exercise regularly. 

Next, two guys demonstrated how Muay Thai is done. It's a blend of dance and combat moves that made one lady gasp audibly every time the fighters hit each other :p

I didn't get to try out the exercises when we were there because we had to leave early but I definitely would love to see for myself how intense the seemingly short workouts are. 

FTX is located at 2/F Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas St. just in front of Salcedo Park. They don't require any membership fees. You just pay as you come. Single passes are at P650 each but there are lots of promos ongoing like the special rate of P1000/4 pax and 50% off for 14 years old and below. 

You can choose from 15 CirQFit Signature Exercises (Lose Big Now, Kettle Burning, Tarzan's Jungle, Gladiator's Zone, Model's Runway, Burns & Glory, Core Builder, Strongman, Tita Cora's Circuit, FTX Chairman's Express, Baller's Circuit, Marvin's Xtreme Xpress, Runner's Circuit, FTX Express, and FTX Extreme); FTX Dance & Yoga (Zumba, 80's Groove, Teens Hip-Hop Cardio, Striptease Cardio, Pole Dancing, FTX Techno Rave, Ashtanga Yoga, and FTX Fly Yoga); and FTX Core & Combat Trainings (Boxing Skills, SPA Boxing, Boot Box, Circuit Box, Muay Thai, Kettlebell Basics, Kettlebell Elite, and Rip60).

For more info about what FTX can do for you, visit or email You can also contact them at 822.3311 or 0916.2701177

*Photos borrowed from Orange Magazine TV's Facebook album

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