Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Concert Review: The Songwriter and The Crooner

Last month, I wrote about meeting Mr. Jose Mari Chan in a press con announcing his concert with Richard Poon. You can read that entry here.

Just this Saturday, two of my friends and I trooped to PICC despite the rainy weather to enjoy a night of music. We were very glad we came to watch The Songwriter and The Crooner because the songs were ear candy all the way. I was just a bit disappointed that the three big screens in front were just used to show background moving graphics and not to highlight the performers while they sing for the benefit of those of us seated near the back. 

Anyhow, the show started with a duet by Richard and Mr. Chan. They sang a medley of Sir Jo's compositions: Big Beautiful Country, Mr. Songwriter, and Big Band. After that, Richard sang several songs by himself and with Baihana before his hilarious guest, Pokwang, arrived on the scene to add merriment to the occasion. After doing some stand up comedy and interacting with the audience, she sang one solo before leaving the stage once more for Richard.

Pokwang grabbed a fan's camera and took a photo of herself! :p
Next, Richard sang a medley of Tagalog songs. Two very familiar OPMs, Panaginip and Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko, sounded grander and better when he sung them accompanied by the big band. What followed are more songs, this time composed again by Mr. Chan. It included Hahanapin Ko which was originally sung by Anthony Castelo.

Midway through the concert, the two talented musicians joined forces again to sing I Remember the Girl. Remember that Joey Albert song? 

When Sir Jo took over the stage, I forgot all about taking down notes on my iPod because I became busy taking videos of some of my all-time favorite songs. Unfortunately, we were seated quite far from the stage so all my videos are blurred and not fit for posting :p 

Still, based on the videos I have, here is the list of songs Sir Jo sang solo: Constant Change, Tell Me Your Name, Can't We Just Stop and Talk Awhile, and Refrain. All these I grew up listening to and it was pure bliss listening to them being sung live by one of my favorite songwriters.

Sir Jo's guest is a lovely young lady named Noelle Cassandra. She not only can sing well, she plays the harp while singing! I first saw her perform during a Johnson's Baby event a few months back and I was glad to witness her unique talent yet again. Accompanied by her harp, Noelle sang Sing Me Your Song Again, Daddy and A Love to Last a Lifetime with Sir Jo.  

It's well-known that Beautiful Girl is one of Mr. Chan's famous songs. In fact, we were told it has been translated in other languages already. As a treat to the audience, Richard and Sir Jo sang the song in English and Chinese. It was truly beautiful!

And since it's already the Yuletide season, the two also sang Christmas in our Hearts and Perfect Christmas which suddenly seemed to envelop the music hall with the appropriate holiday spirit.

Aside from the music, what was also really entertaining were the jokes that Sir Jo shared with us in between songs that had us all laughing out loud. He could very well have a career as a stand up comedian if he would so decide. He is that funny! :D

The whole night was very memorable. We laughed, we hummed and sang along, and listened to some of the best songs ever written and sung by Filipinos. Thank you Sir Jo and Richard! I hope I get to cross paths with you again one of these days. In the meantime, I'll continue listening to your music :)

*Photos used courtesy of Pinoy Beat. You can view more photos from the concert here. 

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