The Songwriter and the Crooner: A Special Night of Music

I had the privilege to finally meet and talk to one of the Philippines' music legends who also happens to be one of my favorite artists of all time! I've been listening to Mr. Jose Mari Chan's songs since I was in high school many years ago and the songs continue to linger in my memory. I can easily recall listening and singing along over and over to pieces such as Afraid for Love to Fade, Afterglow, Refrain, Deep in My Heart, and so many more. Actually, I still have The Golden Collection and Constant Change albums in cassette tapes which, unfortunately, I can't find at the moment because we moved houses a year ago. When I do find those, I'll try to take a photo of them and post it here.

I also remember liking his Counterpoint to Lennon and McCartney's Here, There & Everywhere because I am also a Beatles' fan. If you were a child of the '80s, you must also be familiar with the upbeat Philippine Airlines' jingle Love at Thirty Thousand Feet. I searched online for the lyrics and immediately remembered the melody when I saw them. That's how timeless Mr. Chan's songs are!

When I finally had my kids, many of the songs' lyrics (Constant Change, No Rewind No Replay, Sing Me Your Song Again, Daddy) took on deeper meaning as I was able to identify more with Mr. Chan's sentiments about children growing up too fast and people leaving behind their childlike ways. In fact, I wrote something  early this year about that topic having no idea that I would meet the great songwriter himself some months later. You can read my writeup entitled Constant Change here.

I also got to meet Richard Poon who turned out to be a really nice guy. He and Mr. Chan will be performing in a concert dubbed The Songwriter and The Crooner this coming December 2. I'll post the link to my writeup about the press con when it comes out on this Friday.

For now, enjoy this video of Mr. Chan and Richard singing I'll Be Seeing You as a prelude to what we can expect more of during their concert. I'm really looking forward to watching them on stage and being surrounded by beautiful songs for what, I think, would really be one wonderful night of music.

*Photos courtesy of Orange Magazine TV. For more pictures during the press con, please click here.

Nov. 11 edit: You can now read "A December Concert with Jose Mari Chan and Richard Poon" here. It has details about the concert and more.

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