Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo Joins the J&J Family

Most people know Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo as a certified box-office and award-winning actress. After all, she has played good roles in many successful movies. But aside from this accomplishment, Juday considers being a wife and mother her best roles yet. Behind the lights and cameras is a devoted family woman who loves spending quality time with her husband and kids.

Her image as a fulfilled wife and mom is very much evident when we see her in many TV commercials as she gets chosen to endorse products that are perfectly suited for her and her brood. She admits that her family inspires her to provide them with the best care she could which, in turn, also gives her the utmost happiness.

And since her family is at the top of Juday’s priorities, she makes sure to come home as early as possible after work and to be there for her daughter and son when they need her. “[It’s] hard to leave the house and spend time away from my loved ones,” she admits adding that making decisions is tougher nowadays because they will have a big impact on her family and children.

Juday shares that there is one choice that she is very happy about and that is trusting Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath to take care of Yohan and Lucho’s skin. She says she has loved the Johnson & Johnson brand for years and is glad that she shares the company’s commitment to giving the best skin care for kids.

I also use J&J products on my kids and love the smell of all milk bath variants as well as many of Johnson’s colognes and lotions. I am not surprised that younger moms like Juday also choose to have J&J as a partner in raising children with healthy skin. “Just like how it took care of my skin while growing up, it takes such good care of Yohan and Lucho’s skin, so I’m definitely gonna keep using Johnson’s!”  says the multi-talented mom who  has has been making the right choices and is giving the best care possible for the people she loves.

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