Monday, April 04, 2011

Johnson's Baby Officially Welcomes Summer

Summer time will not be fun if kids are not allowed to play out in the sun and enjoy various activities. Johnson's Baby encourages parents to let children bask in the warmth of the season so that they would develop physical stamina as well as learn social and interactive skills together with their peers.

Many kids these days are becoming couch potatoes as they spend more time in front of the television or computer instead of finding other interesting things to do that will greatly improve their general health and well being. When children are urged to engage in physical activity, it not only leads to physical benefits but also helps kids focus, release energy, and have fun in the company of friends.

Last March 26, Johnson's Baby launched Presko Play, an initiative that's synonymous to freshness, at the main promenade of Market Market in The Fort. A lot of kids had fun joining the activities including bouncing on top of huge balls, hula hooping, and playing futkal (football kalye or football in the streets). 

To make the event more exciting for parents and kids alike, Johnson's Baby invited several Going Bulilit Kids as well as the Tondo Futkaleros, a team of young men who did exhibitions and helped facilitate games. And to help the young players stay fresh and play longer, there are booths where they can freshen up with Johnson's Baby Powder and Cologne. At day's end, they can wash off all the day's sweat and dirt using Johnson's Baby Bath.

After the launch, Johnson's Baby will continue to spread its advocacy for outdoor play by visiting grassroots barangay areas to hold Futkal workshops and training.
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