The M.A.C. - Every household's electricity budget buddy

The Meralco Appliance Calculator (M.A.C.) was introduced way back in 2003 and was designed to be an electricity bill management tool for Meralco residential customers. New features and enhancements are continuously being added to the M.A.C. so it can cater to the growing demands of electricity users. With it, you can:

a) better manage your electric consumption and your electric bill
b) make wiser decisions in buying home appliances, and
c) get home energy efficiency tips that are customized to your home electricity consumption

Any consumer can access the M.A.C. from Meralco’s website. Get the option to use either or both of the following:

“My Appliance Calculator” allows users to calculate the estimated consumption cost of appliances - one at a time.

“My Bill Manager”, on the other hand, allows users to calculate the estimated consumption cost of appliances in a table format. With this, you can get an estimate of your household’s total electric consumption cost and see which appliances consume more electricity. Other features of the My Bill Manager menu include: a consumption manager, energy efficiency adviser, and target bill amount estimator.

a) The consumption manager allows users to see the corresponding electric consumption pie chart and
some text description of the chart based on the information you provide
b) The energy efficiency adviser, meanwhile, allows users to see some energy efficiency tips
based on the information provided you give.
c) The target bill amount estimator, on the other hand, allows users to see an estimate of his “monthly target kWh consumption” and “estimated price per kWh” by just inputting the “target electric bill amount”.

Other new features of the M.A.C.:
a) e-mailing of the M.A.C web link to friends through the “email” button
b) sharing the M.A.C web link to Facebook and Twitter accounts through the “share” button
c) sending feedback to Meralco regarding the new M.A.C through the “feedback” button
d) printing the computation results of “My Bill Manager” through the “print” button (for easy access and future
reference of the computations), and
e) viewing the basis for computing the estimated electricity consumption of home appliances for the M.A.C application through the “formula” button (so that users can validate the results of the computations)

The M.A.C. is a user-friendly, interactive and valuable tool for cost-conscious electricity consumers. And with the high electric consumption brought about by the Christmas season, you might want to give it a try today.
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