Sunday, October 24, 2010

Amazing Mental Arithmetic

I witnessed something amazing a couple of weeks ago -- kids solving difficult math equations using their MINDS! Honestly, I would have difficulty believing it if somebody just told me about it. But I saw with my own eyes how young kids could solve several two to three digit numbers effortlessly both with the use of the abacus and without.

If an Abacus Math center is put up in the Alabang area, there is a very high probability that I would enroll my 12-year-old son there. He was with me during my interview with one of the owners and he was equally impressed at the other kids' abilities.

Read more about SIP Academy Philippines in my article that appeared in Manila Bulletin's Business Agenda section. You may also want to explore the possibilities that this program could offer in developing your own kids' potentials.

I really wish I was able to capture on video what I saw. Perhaps the next time I visit the center in New Manila :)

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