Forever Downey

Call me fanatical but I've always admired, no loved Robert Downey Jr's versatility.  Most people probably know him only as the actor who played Chaplin or that adorable guy named Peter Wright in Only You (my favorite movie by the way) or the lovable lawyer Larry Paul in Ally McBeal's Season 4.  But do you know that this guy also sings beautifully and even composes songs among his many other talents? Do visit my favorite RDJ site Downey Unlimited and know more about this guy who has been through hell and back and is now picking up the pieces of his life, wonderfully if I may say so.

Please don't fail to click the Music link on the home page and try to listen to his music. Hear samples of his throaty renditions of "Chances Are" with Vonda Shepard or "Ev'ry Breath You Take" with Sting. I love each and every one but my favorite of them all is "Snakes-the piano version". It's such a hauntingly beautiful melody that I have Real Player play it again and again as background music every time I'm using the computer. It relaxes and soothes the senses. Once you hear it, you'd probably wonder how deep the sensitivity of the composer's soul is to be able to conjure that kind of music. And I tell you, Robert is definitely such a guy.

Oh and if you suddenly find yourself among the multitude of his fans, welcome to the club! Do let me know if you do and I'd welcome you with open arms :)

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