Friday, July 21, 2017

Cheers Napkins: Bringing Life to Everyday Celebrations

Filipinos love to eat, especially with family and friends. Whether we buy take away food from restaurants or spend hours in the kitchen whipping up heirloom dishes, the end goal for every gathering is to celebrate and have fun together, right?

eat, have fun, and keep your face clean! :)
So, despite our busy lifestyles, many of us make time to “break bread” and share good moments with the people we value. It is, after all, a good reason why we enjoy hosting get-togethers where we swap stories over good food.

Of course, with meals come messes and cleanups. Make that part easier by discovering the value of bringing Cheers into your home!

Cheers is a brand of quality hygienic napkins in various configurations. Aside from kitchen and paper towels, it also carries other party needs like starch-based cutleries and trash bags that are both eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Cheers has different napkin sizes for various needs
At home, we use different Cheers paper products because using the right napkin sizes helps us avoid paper wastage. This is very important to me as someone who advocates for the protection of our environment. Here’s how we use the following:

• Cheers Kitchen Towel Roll – I keep one handy near the kitchen sink because I normally use a sheet or two to dry my hands with after washing the dishes. And since it is 2-ply, each sheet is strong enough not to tear easily. So I also use a couple to line up serving dishes when I need to drain excess oil from fried food items like chicken, hash browns, or French fries.  

• Cheers Interfolded Paper Towels – This one is stationed on a side table in our dining room because it is so convenient to pull a sheet to instantly wipe off accidental spills. We also use them to dry our place mats after eating. 

Going on a picnic? Don't forget to bring a pack of Cheers! 
• Cheers Table Napkins – These are available in different sizes and are very, very useful during parties. You can wrap sandwiches in the big flat napkins while the dinner napkins can be used when table setting for a sit-down dinner. On the other hand, the small pull napkins are ideal for wiping the sides of the mouth especially when there are kids who usually end up with food smudges on their faces. Likewise, children’s parties are made more colorful with Cheers napkins that have fun print designs!

Aside from the various useful features, I like Cheers products because they are made with 100% Virgin Pulp and have no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine. As a result, these attributes make them very hygienic to use with food. Moms, after all, take safety in high consideration when it comes to serving meals at home.

make snack times less messy by having table napkins on standby
With Cheers, parties and get-togethers can be made more special when you don’t have to dread the cleaning up part after a meal is over. And with the various products offered, it’s definitely a plus to be able to bring out a different dimension in every celebration.

So, Cheers to the privilege and joy of being with our loved ones while we all enjoy food, laughter, and making happy memories!

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