Monday, May 01, 2017

Burger King Introduces Billy Crawford as Newest Member of the Burger King Squad

Billy Joe Crawford stole the hearts of fans when he was first discovered at age three many years ago. The cute and talented little boy swiftly became popular on local TV for his singing and dancing talents. Although he left the Philippines when he was 12 to study in the United States, he continued performing there.

Billy for Burger King
In 1995, the young man appeared with legendary Michael Jackson at the MTV Music Awards. Now known as Billy Crawford, the multi-awarded singer has tracks that topped charts not only in the Philippines but also in countries like France and Switzerland. 

Billy returned to the country in 2008 and has since hosted a string of TV shows. He is currently engaged to young actress Coleen Garcia with whom he has cheesy and kilig stories about.

BK's 4 delicious Cheese Whopper
Speaking of cheese, have you tried the 4 Cheese Whopper yet? It is a huge burger filled to the brim with four kinds of gooey delicious cheesy goodness atop a perfect patty between fresh buns!  

Last April 25th, Burger King held a special event where guests had a beefy and cheesy afternoon filled with delicious flame-grilled whoppers, fun games, and a special performance and interview with Billy who gamely wore a crown.

Burger King Philippines team
As the newest member of the Burger King Squad, the multitalented performer is hailed as a new King who perfectly embodies the brand’s Crown Standard. Since 1954, Burger King has been producing flame-grilled burgers that taste like you just had them cooked in the backyard. The patties are 100% beef with no fillers, preservatives, and no nonsense. 

Hosted by Sam YG, the launch transformed Burger King Greenhills into an afternoon backyard cheesy party with seats sporting cheesy lines from romantic comedies, chick flicks, and classic cheesy expressions. 

Billy and Sam
Burger King is proud to welcome Billy who, like the 4 Cheese Whopper made of the best ingredients, remains one of the best talents in the local showbiz scene today.

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