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National Geographic Celebrates 8th Year of Environmental Advocacy with Earth Day Run 2017

The Nat Geo Run 2015 will remain one of my favorite races because it was there where I ran my very first 10k. You can read more of that story, here:

my son and I in last year's Nat Geo Run
Now, two years later, National Geographic's Earth Day Run 2017 would help me mark another milestone as I prepare to join the 21k category for the first time -- right after running my first 16k last month, whew! I guess that's what happens when one becomes a runner; you continue to level up and celebrate how far you've come in your fitness journey! :)

This coming April 23, Earth Day Run 2017 will once more continue to raise people's consciousness about environmental issues as well as health and fitness in partnership with Cherifer Premium and World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). On its 8th year, Earth Day Run maintains the tradition of being one of the biggest running events in the country, expecting thousands of running enthusiasts and Eco Warriors to register and run for the environment.

Nat Geo Run 2017 poster
Apart from Manila, the event will likewise be held simultaneously in the cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Taichung to replicate the initiative adopted last year, which effectively spread the vision and advocacy of Earth Day Run across Asia.

Hoping to mobilize all Eco Warriors of previous Earth Day Runs, this year's race welcomes all previously registered participants with VIP treatment and special loyalty perks to be enjoyed on the day of the run. They will be given priority placement in front of the starting line at the beginning of the race and can claim loot bags and finisher shirts at a special express booth. They can also make use of a special warm-up and cool down tent before and after the race to condition themselves and recover in comfort.

Nat Geo Run 2017 Singlets and Sizes
blue for 5k and 10k, black for 21k and 42k
All participants are also invited to visit the 8 Years of EDR Gallery at the race village to learn about what the event has accomplished over the years, including environmental and social initiatives that has benefited with the help of registered runners. Personally, I am interested to learn how runners' participation at Earth Day Run has made a significant impact on certain communities in the Philippines as well as how our actions as individuals can affect the environment.

To be held at the SM Mall of Asia grounds, participants of all ages can join 5k, 10k, 21k, and 42k categories. Whether a newbie runner or a serious marathoner, everyone can be an Eco Warrior for Mother Earth

Nat Geo Run 2017 Registration Fees
This year, Earth Day Run 2017 will also be sporting new features such as LED shoelaces for all distance categories to serve as a badge of pride and as a safety accessory when running at night or before sunrise. Prizes will also be awarded to costumed runners who showcase their creativity in coming up with an ensemble made from recycled materials. Lastly, to make each Eco Warrior's voice heard in this run for the Earth, there will be advocacy banners hanging above the finish line that runners can grab as they cross. These will serve as a shoutout for the environment, can be kept as a souvenir, and used for post-run selfies to amplify the message of acting now to save the Earth. 

Last year's Earth Day Run benefited causes such as saving the Irawaddy dolphins at the Malampaya Sound Research and Conservation Project in Palawan; giving the Earth Hour or "Gift of Life" village in Monreal, Masbate sustainable solutions that reduce carbon footprint; conservation of the Marine Protected Area and coral reef and Apo Reef in Occidental Mindoro; and beefing up reforestation efforts in the Ipo Watershed in Bulacan, which supplies Metro Manila with fresh water. 
Nat Geo Run 2017 Finisher Medals
"Earth Day Run 2017 will be the biggest version of the race yet, with more expected participants from Manila and four other cities across Asia. We're also excited to look back on our eight years of environmental advocacy and share and celebrate with our runners the positive change that they helped make possible through the years by joining Earth Day Run," said Charo Espedido, Director and Head of Content Marketing at FOX Networks Group Philippines.

"We hope that Earth Day Run 2017 not only brings communities of running enthusiasts together for the common cause of saving the environment, but also that it amplifies the important message of doing your own part today to help stop climate change and commit to sustainable solutions to save our beloved planet Earth," concluded Espedido.

Nat Geo Run 2017 Finisher Shirts
To celebrate the eight years of social awareness through fitness with special program features, NatGeo requests Eco Warriors to please use the hashtag #8withEDR when posting on social media. Register until April 16, 2017 at now! 

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