Saturday, February 04, 2017

Enjoy Authentic Japanese Noodles and More at Nadai Fujisoba

Noodle soup dishes have become increasingly popular in the Philippines. Apart from ramen, Filipino foodies can now also enjoy great tasting soba and udon, which can be found at Nadai Fujisoba. This is a well-known brand in Japan because, according to Chef Kudo Yoshiaki, one can find a store in almost all the train stops in Tokyo alone!

Nadai Fujisoba in SM Megamall

I had a late lunch at the Nadai Fujisoba branch in SM Megamall recently and found the dishes delicious. As appetizers, I had O-Ebi Ten (Shrimp Tempura) and Ika Ten (Squid Tempura), which both are covered in crunchy breading but with seafood that are moist and juicy inside. 

O-Ebi Ten - P360.00 for 3 pieces
I think it's actually my first time to eat squid that isn't shaped like rings! Nadai Fujisoba's tempura has a lengthy piece of soft, perfectly cooked squid inside. I recommend you try it when you visit one of the store's branches.

Ika Ten - P180.00 (3 pieces), P290.00 (5 pieces)
For my main meal, I had Ebi Ten Mori Soba (yes, I obviously love eating shrimp!) with hot soup and paired it with a glass of Fresh Dalandan Juice. For those who are wondering what's the difference between soba and ramen, soba are noodles made from buckwheat flour while ramen is made of wheat

Ebi Ten Mori Soba - P260.00
Fresh Dalandan Juice - P80.00
My table mates offered some of the dishes they ordered so we shared a bowl each of cold soba and udon. It was my first time to try cold udon, which are chewy and soft thick wheat noodles, and found that I really like its texture. It's tastes great when dipped in the accompanying sauce. Very flavorful!

Tori Tsuke Soba (accompanying bowl not in photo) - P280.00
Mori Udon - P180.00
For dessert, I had Kuro Goma Ice Cream (Black Sesame Seed) and wished that hubby was present to help me finish it off because he also loves this flavor. 

Kuro Goma Ice Cream - P100.00
There are many other items in the menu that I would like to try on my next visits. In the meantime, what I had were already enough to satisfy my tummy. If you prefer to eat rice with your meal, Nadai Fujisoba also offers Donburi Rice Bowls that can be paired with smaller orders of soba or udon.

interesting painting on the ceiling, I'd guess the guy was kept waiting for his food too long :p
I look forward to dropping by Nadai Fujisoba again, soon. This time, with some of my family members. I'm sure my boys, with their big appetites, would appreciate the filling and tasteful dishes served by this restaurant 😊   

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