Monday, February 20, 2017

Canon Philippines Launches SIKAP in Partnership with DepEd and Marylindbert International

Despite the advances in technology in previous years, many Filipinos still encounter problems when it comes to securing and even keeping important documents safe. In fact, I have relatives who had to go back and forth to different government agencies just to find a missing birth certificate or have one modified due to one or more errors made many, many years ago.

SIKAP - Pages Beyond Words
At home, there are parents who neglect to keep all pertinent papers in one place such that when their kids need this or that document, the house is figuratively turned upside down just to find it. Expectedly, this bad habit wastes a lot of time and energy as well as causes stress.

As someone who is quite OC in keeping files organized, I am personally glad to find out about SIKAP, which stands for School Immersion and Key Advancement Program. This is an advocacy of Canon Philippines, in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) and Marylindbert International, that stresses the importance of effective archiving and history.

SIKAP's main objective is to provide students, teachers, and parents a better perspective on how to take proper care of pertinent and important documents that are relevant to their daily lives. SIKAP also aims to help them recognize and to reinforce knowledge and skills in both digital and physical archiving while also affording them easy access to high quality printing and scanning devices that allow the enrichment of academic and creative skills.

DepEd and Canon representatives including Dr. Mengito (center)
and Mr. Kok Hin (far right)
In his keynote speech, DepEd Regional Director for NCR, Dr. Ponciano A. Mengito, pointed out the need to teach students the value of archiving as it complements the mission of DepEd to provide accessible and quality education for every learner.  

Mr. Lim Kok Hin, President and CEO of Canon Philippines, likewise explained that their advocacy aims to see every student knowing his past, living in the present, and moving forward to the future. "With awareness, knowledge, and recognition of the value of archiving, we are assured that all pertinent documents of our daily lives are cared for," he emphasized citing Birth Certificates, Marriage Contracts, Insurance Papers, School Records, and Contracts, as some of the documents some people usually take for granted until the need for them arises.

"Imagine the loss of valuable data if the the school's records gets inundated with flood waters," illustrated Mr. Kok Hin. "With proper storage and archiving, these unfortunate scenarios can be avoided."

official handover of teaching and learning materials
Held in DepEd Quezon City, the launch highlighted the sealing of the partnership amongst Canon, DepEd, and Marylindbert International along with the official handover of materials to teachers and a couple of students. SIKAP will be piloted in selected schools in the National Capital Region. Teaching guides and learning tools will be given for free to all participating schools. 

In attendance at the formal launch are Canon Senior Director Mr. Jose Abelardo I. Bolima and Marketing Manager Ms. Kristine Adeline D. Dacanay. Representing Marylindbert International were President and CEO Linda S. Legaspi and Vice President Mr. Alberto B. Rosal.

Also present were DepEd's Dr. Wilfredo E. Cabral, Schools Division Superintendent and OIC Office of the Assistant Regional Director; Dr. Paraluman Giron, K-12 Curriculum Consultant; Mr. Pier Angelo Alejo, MFIT Values Education; Atty. Wade Latawan, Chief, Legal Administrative, QC Division; Dr. Jocelyn Marcial, Chief of PESS, Schools Division NCR Superintendent; Supervisors; and School Principals.   

If someone were to ask you right now to produce a copy of your transcript of record from college, your NSO Birth Certificate, or your NBI Clearance, would you be able to find it within five minutes? How proficient are you at home in the archiving department? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below this post  :)


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