Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Nanbantei of Tokyo Opens in Alabang Town Center

I've always loved eating Japanese dishes, especially miso soup, shrimp/prawn tempura, and sushi. I haven't really paid attention to grilled dishes though … until I got to try Nanbantei of Tokyo's yakitori items for the first time. In Japan, the term yakitori means grilled chicken. But while there are chicken items on Nanbantei's menu, diners can also choose from an extensive array of grilled beef, pork, seafood, and vegetables.

Nanbantei is now in Alabang!
Thankfully, there's now a Nanbantei branch in Alabang Town Center, which made the restaurant accessible for me, my family, and everybody living in South Metro Manila who love food grilled the Japanese way. I am excited to bring the boys there, soon, because I am positive they would love many of the dishes on the menu.

lovely ambiance!
As a little backgrounder, Nanban means foreigner while Tei means rest house or teahouse. Combined, Nanbantei means a place where guests can unwind and have something to eat or drink after a long day of work.

Hubby and I started lunch with fresh vegetable sticks called Namayasai dipped in Nanbantei's signature miso paste and a bowl of flavorful Miso Soup. Both perfectly whetted our appetites!

Miso Soup - P85
Next, we sampled a Best Sellers Platter composed of 21 sticks that includes Aspara Maki (asparagus wrapped with pork), Tebasaki (chicken wings), Pork Garlic Yaki (pork with garlic flavor), Shiso Maki (pork with Shiso leaf), Negima (chicken meat and leeks), Corn (on the cob but can be requested to be served shredded), and Poteto Maki (potato wrapped with bacon). I partnered each bite with Shiitake Rice that's topped with mushroom and nori strips. Yum!

Best Sellers Platter - P995
you can also order Yakitori ala carte (2 sticks per order) for P100 and up 
Of course, a visit to a Japanese restaurant shouldn't be without an order of Ebi Tempura! I love how the breading is thin enough to make way for more juicy shrimp in each bite. 

Ebi Tempura - P385
We also tried the Aburi Shrimp and Aburi Salmon plus the Assorted Sushi Platter that has a little bit of everything and would satisfy any sushi lover's cravings.  

Aburi Shrmip and Salmon - P75 each
To cap off our satisfying meal, we shared a cup of Black Sesame Ice Cream that we just discovered for the first time. It is soooo good! Make sure to also order that when you drop by one of Nanbantei's branches.

Assorted Sushi Platter - P395
There are still many items in the menu that I would definitely love to try in future visits. What surprised me most though was how affordable the prices are! So don't be intimidated by the brand's name and posh-looking interior. They serve Great Flavors at Prices Without Your Reach! In addition, it feels homey and comfortable inside, you'll love hanging out there with your friends and family members.  

Black Sesame Ice Cream - P100
Laine Vallar, Nanbantei's Senior Marketing Manager, shared, "We strive to maintain the authenticity of service and food preparation required by the franchise, and apply internationally accepted food handling and safety procedures."

other seating options
The ATC branch sports a modern look with grey tones and modish drop lights melding with the dominant colors of Japan such as effervescent red and orange hues. Comfortable couch seating, on the other hand, have lovely Sakura blossom prints. Overall, the interior's look is tied in by light wood and a dash of grey to depict the industrial and modern, combined with a fresh and young Japanese vibe.

Strawberry-Mango Shake and Shiitake Rice - P100
Get a glimpse of Japan's culinary culture as you savor and appreciate every bite of Nanbantei's delicious dishes at the Alabang Town Center store. Its operating hours are 11AM to 11PM Sundays to Thursdays, and 11AM to 12MN on Fridays and Saturdays. For inquiries, call 772.0766. You may also visit, like Nanbantei Philippines on Facebook, and follow @nanbantei_ph on Twitter and Instagram.

Nanbantei Alabang can seat up to 90 guests
Other branches are located in Greenbelt 3 and Bonifacio High Street. Soon to open is a smaller and speak-easyish Izakaya concept in Carlos Palanca, Legazpi Village, Makati

enjoy food grilled the Japanese way at Nanbantei
Nanbantei of Tokyo is an international chain of yakitori restaurants, with locations in Singapore, Shanghai, and the Philippines. Their flagship restaurant is in Roponggi, with a history that spans over 40 years.

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