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Learn the Advantages of Pest Off!'s Rodent Control Products + Blog Giveaway

Any homeowner knows that no matter how much you try you keep the area in and around one's house as clean as possible, there will always be chances of experiencing pest infestations due to various factors.   

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For instance, if your area is prone to flooding, mice and rat poop may pose leptospirosis risks to people in the community. Likewise, when a neighbor puts out rodent poison around their property, the pests tend to transfer to other places such as your house where they end up dying.

Now that the rainy days are here, we must all be more proactive in protecting our families against diseases as well as the destruction rodents do to stuff such as food items, clothes, and even books!  

Pest Off! Rat Catcher Glue Boards
cardboard (2 pcs./set) - P142.75, wood board (2pcs./set) - P148.75

Pest Off!, a trusted name in household pest control products offers a wide variety of items. In fact, we've been using the Pest Off! Roach Trap at home for a long time and I find it very effective when placed inside the cabinet under the sink. 

Now, I am glad to have a supply of Pest Off!'s rodent control line because it gives me peace of mind that the next time I see a little mouse scurrying about in the kitchen, I have baits and glue boards I can use to eliminate it fast before it can do any damage.

Pest Off! Ready to Use Cereal Baits
100g - P69.25, 50g - P44.75
Pest Off! Ready-to-Use Cereal Bait contains a 2nd generation anticoagulant compound called Brodifacoum. It effectively and efficiently eliminates rats and mice, and only needs a SINGLE feed to take effect. Other brands contain active ingredients (Warfarin and Coumatetralyl) categorized as 1st generation anticoagulants or multiple-dose rodenticides. For those who don't know, anticoagulants prevent blood clotting that leads to internal hemorrhaging, which eventually results to rodent death.  

Pest Off! Glue Boards, on the other hand, are rat and mice catchers designed for modern living. They are:

two sizes of glue boards for rats (left) and mice (right)
red pen used for size illustration purposes 
  • Convenient to use. Set up is quick and hassle-free. Just place them along travel routes of mice and rats. Disposal is also easy. Just put the board and trapped rat inside a plastic bag tied tightly. The pest will eventually die of dehydration or asphyxiation. If you advocate for animal rights, make it a swift death by killing the rat or mouse with a thick piece of wood before disposal.  
  • Effective. The board's strong adhesive easily traps passing rodents. As they try to escape, the more their paws and, eventually, their bodies, will stick to the board.
  • Safe. Pest Off! uses non-toxic adhesive. In case it gets in contact with your skin, just wipe away with mineral or baby oil. In addition, you'll have peace of mind that no human fingers will get hurt or severed as in the case of using traditional rat traps. 
Pest Off! Mice Catcher Glue Boards (4 pcs./set)
regular scent - P90.25, peanut and cheese scents - P96.25 each
  • Reasonably priced. Piecewise, Pest Off! is more affordable than its competitors. The glue boards come in sets of 2's and 4's instead of singles or 3's.
  • More choices. Pest Off! offers different board sizes according to the pests you may see at home. These also come in different board materials (cardboard, wood board, and plastic board) to suit consumers' needs. What actually delighted me upon opening my box of Pest Off! supplies were the pleasant scents of peanut butter (like the sandwich!) and cheese (smells like popcorn)! I think rats and mice would really be attracted to those! :)
Pest Off! Rat Catcher Glue Boards in Peanut Butter and Cheese Scents
(2 pcs./set) - P157.25 each
Take note that glue boards should be used indoors and in normal conditions. Make sure that the room floor is neither oily nor greasy and that the room is not exposed to too much dust or sand. 

Pest Off! is owned by Global Winds Corporation (GWC), a duly registered company with the Food and Drug Administration as a Household/Urban Hazardous Substances Distributor/Importer/Wholesaler. Pest Off! products are widely distributed nationwide in major supermarkets, groceries, and hardware stores. GWC also carries other products you may also want to check out such as:
  • Pest Off! Complete Insect Killer - an odorless spray specifically formulated to eliminate cockroaches, mosquitoes, houseflies, fleas, and other flying insects without the unpleasant kerosene odor
  • Pest Off! Roach Trap - a ready to use cockroach bait enclosed in a plastic bait station that has 4 small openings. Each bait station is effective up to a radius of 1 meter and can last up to 3 months.
  • Pest Off! Cockroach Gel - a cockroach bait in gel form that is convenient to apply in cracks and crevices because it comes in a syringe applicator and effectively kills cockroaches for up to 90 days.
  • Pest Off! Fly Paper - catches more flies effectively because it is 17% bigger than others. Pre-cut holes help form the thick paper into different shapes to suit the needs of the user.
  • Pest Off! Roach and Ant Killer Chalk - an affordable cockroach and ant killer that comes in boxes of 2's.
GWC's complete line up of products 
This month, Pest Off! and Write, Breathe, Live are giving away two gift packages (worth around P1,000 each) composed of everything in the rodent control line! If you want to be 1 of this blog's 2 winners, please join through the Rafflecopter widget below:

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Edit - August 22, 2016: Congratulations to Sharha Vhillachortha and Hazel C. Garabiles for each winning a Pest Off! Rodent Control Package worth P1,000! Please check your email inboxes. I'm  sure you'll also find out how useful the products are in keeping your homes clean. 

Thank you so much to everyone who joined the giveaway. Please stay tuned for upcoming ones :)

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