Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lady's Choice Launches Roast Beef and Chicken BBQ Spreads for More Delicious Sandwiches

The members of my family are fond of sandwiches. We enjoy eating basic sandwiches (that are simply made up of two slices of bread and a yummy spread) as well as sandwiches loaded with lots of other ingredients for breakfast, snacks, and even at midnight. 

making midnight snacks with Son #4
On most mornings, when everyone needs to rush to go to school or work, we are already content to bite into a sandwich made yummy with Lady's Choice Ham or Chicken Spread. Those two are staples inside our refrigerator along with Lady's Choice Mayonnaise that's not only great for Macaroni Salad, but also complements slices of ham and cheese when making sandwiches.   

Recently, our regular spreads got some competition! We discovered two new flavors that could definitely rival our old favorites. Now, there's Lady's Choice Roast Beef Spread and Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ Spread that are also both delicious and are each made with real beef and chicken.

two new Lady's Choice Sandwich Spread variants
The good thing is, we'll have more options to choose from any time we want to make a sandwich! The boys already have tasted both flavors and, like me, find it hard to play favorites :)

Let's just say alternating between several Lady's Choice Sandwich Spread flavors will make each sandwich moment a more tummy-filling one for all of us.

Imagine … roast beef or chicken bbq that's easy to spread!
How about your family? Do you prefer #ChickenOrBeef? Post a comment below if you've already tried one or both variants. Plus, stay tuned because I just might be hosting a Lady's Choice giveaway soon for my readers who would also love to try these two new flavors! :) 

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