Dip and Cook with Lady's Choice Mayonnaise

Filipinos, especially moms, who love to cook have our own tried-and-tested, go-to recipes. In my husband's family, my mother-in-law's Macaroni Salad has always been a blockbuster since her kids were small. Now, it's my own kids who often request that we make this particular dish. Amusingly, one big batch doesn't even last a week!

whipping up Macaroni Salad
One of the secrets to this macaroni salad is Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise. My mom-in-law says she doesn't trust any other and have used only this brand for decades. So when hubby and I whip up a batch, we make sure to get all the ingredients right, especially the mayo.

ingredients for Macaroni Salad
As moms, we are always on the look out for new ways to surprise our families with something special. So, for those of you who have yet to experience the delicious goodness of Lady's Choice Mayo and those who are excited to try something new, you are in for a tastier, creamier surprise.

Creamy Chicken Adobo
In Lady's Choice's latest campaign called "Dip and Cook," the number one dressing brand shares how the surprising addition of Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise can bring a delightfully rich and creamy taste to any family's favorite dishes.

Creamy Beef Kaldereta
Because it's made with real eggs and the freshest ingredients, even just a few tablespoons of Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise is said to provide a nice twist to the classic Chicken Adobo, Beef Kaldereta, Bistek, and Pinoy Spaghetti. I can't wait to try that in the coming days! Follow me on Instagram (@ruthfloresca) so you'll see when I post photos of more dishes I'll prepare using Lady's Choice Mayo.

Creamy Bistek
In addition, make snack time irresistible for your kids by pairing French fries, calamares or carrots with dipping sauces made creamier and tastier by Lady's Choice Mayo. With this in the kitchen, there will always be a yummy secret ingredient on hand for creating dishes our families can enjoy.

Creamy Pinoy Spaghetti
Serve 100% love to your loved ones. Do visit www.ladyschoice.com.ph to check out recipes and for more doses of delicious inspiration! 

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