Sunday, February 07, 2016

10 Ways to Discover and Experience Guam This 2016

More airlines, lower airfares, and tourists' heightened sense of adventure -- these are some of the factors why the travel industry is booming. The question is, where do you want to go next? Many Filipinos dream of visiting the United States but the distance and expenses needed to go to the mainland can be disheartening.  

Guam Beach Bar
Guam, however, is only 3.5 hours away from many Asian cities and is the closest U.S. destination from Asia. There, visitors can tour the living past, experience the island's culture and traditions, literally dive into adventure, and more! Here's sharing 10 ways to discover and experience Guam this year …

1. Immerse yourself in history. Guam has cultural parks and villages where you can see the past come alive with reenactments at Lina'La Chamorro Cultural Park in Tumon and experience how life was like in the early days of the island when you go to Gef Pa'go in Inarajan.

Latte Stone Park
2. Tour ancient landmarks. Guam has churches, forts, historical trails, and archaeological sites that are hundreds or, in some cases, thousands of years old. I am sure many of you would love taking photos of those, too!

3. Go underwater! Guam is surrounded by clear and pristine waters that are world class places for diving and snorkeling. See for yourself some of the ocean's exotic and breathtaking locations along with hundreds of species of aquatic life.     

Real World Diving in Hagatna
4. Play golf! It has been said that golfing in Guam is one of a kind. There are seven courses available with greens winding through the hills against the backdrop of lush jungle foliage and foaming waves crashing on the reefs.

5. Bask in people's hospitality. Residents of Guam, who many are Filipinos, are friendly and welcoming. They also love celebrations and fiestas. Enjoy great food, lively music, and a vibrant display of culture especially during Wednesday nights at Chamorro Village in Hagatna.

I Love Guam items
6. Shop for stuff, duty free! Some of the world's most luxurious and famous designers have boutiques located in Tumon. Guam has three large malls, many smaller stores, and night markets where shopping aficionados can find arts and crafts pieces. The best part? All retail purchases on Guam are tax free!

7. Party and enjoy the nightlife. Every night, Guam's bars, clubs, and lounges come alive and pulsate with energy. Choose from various places where you can listen to local DJs, bands, and jazz combos and dance to the music with friends and loved ones.

Night Life
8. Buy local. Don't leave Guam without finding a unique item only made on the island. Doing so gives you an opportunity to own one-of-akind, handcrafted products made with skill and dedication by local artisans. Preserve your Guam memories with original art and handicrafts, exquisite jewelry, or masterful woodwork.

9. Unwind. Whether you want to stay under the sun on the shores of scenic beaches, the deck of a fantastic pool, have fun in a water park, or take time off inside a spa under the hands of an expert masseuse, Guam has various ways to getting its guests the relaxation they need.

Soi at Dusit Thani Guam
10. Go on food trips. Foodies who love culinary adventures can take pleasure in the island's unique cuisine that fuses Asian, Spanish, and Pacific Island influences as well as the diverse array of food around the world at different shops and restaurants. 

You may want to time your trip during Guam's 2016 Annual events depending on your hobbies and interests. Given a chance, I'd love to visit Guam in April or October because that's when the Guam International Marathon and Guam Ko'ko' Half Marathon will be held respectively and I am sure it would be fun to join those runs because of the lovely sceneries they have along the route. Check the complete schedule of activities at and see when's the best time for you!

* all photos borrowed from the Visit Guam website

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