Why Make The 2016 Mom 24/7 Planner Your Parenting Partner This Year?

There are so many planners and journals out there and I know how difficult it is to finally decide on which one to use for one whole year. The bottomline is, choosing the best planner will depend on your needs and preferences.

artsy geometric printed cover
For many moms, who wear other hats in this multi-tasking world, it's ideal to get a planner that would not only help organize one's schedules, but also provide inspiration. The 2016 Mom 24/7 Planner has that, and more. 

This planner comes in an artsy geometric print, a prism-like pattern in a burst of colors to represent today's mom: a multi-dimensional woman who is steadfast, stylish, confident, fun, and determined but, at the same time, gentle, compassionate, and powered by love of her family.

lots of useful spaces!
Measuring a handy 6x8 inches, the spiral-bound planner has a sturdy cover and pages designed for a mom's life. It not only has space for your own schedule, but also your kids' so that it would be easier and faster to track and coordinate family activities with just one look at your calendar.

Mommy Mundo likewise recognizes the different roles a mom plays so there are spaces for family, home, work, and self as well as for notes, thoughts, and reminders with an expanded area for essential to-do lists. 

my #MindfulMom quote :)
You also get a reminder to take a #MindfulMom Moment with one simple question a week and a quote shared by a real-life mindful mom. I was asked to share mine and it appears on one of the February pages :) The mindful mom tips aim to inspire mothers to live life in a more conscious, mindful manner.

thought-full questions
The special Pages and Perks section, on the other hand, has health record pages for mom, dad, and children (up to three kids), a menstrual tracker for mom, family vacation planning, party planning, money management, and more. Moms with little kids would also appreciate the exclusive Mom 24/7 discount coupons that provide special discounts and perks from Mommy Mundo partner brands.

pages and perks section
The 2016 Mom 24/7 Planner can be ordered from http://mommymundo.com/shop and are found at selected Fully Booked branches. For inquiries, email info@mommymundo.com or text 0908.8657245.

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