Sunday, January 17, 2016

Achievement Unlocked! My First Skyway Run via 7-Eleven Run 2016

I consider myself non-competitive when it comes to running. I don't think I'll ever dream of winning a race because I've seen how fast elite runners can go and I'm just into this sport mainly to continue my wellness journey and to live longer for the sake of my family.

my first Skyway run!
Still, I've learned to have simple dreams as a runner, seeing my husband reaching many of his own running goals over the years. Although I don't yet see myself running a half marathon any time soon, one of my aims last year was to be able to experience running on the Skyway.

dawn breaking over the horizon
Last year, I finished 5k and earned my first ever finisher's medal at the 7 Eleven 1500 Run. The route, however, only covered roads around Filinvest City in Alabang. Much as I wanted to sign up for 10k that time so I can run on my coveted route, I knew my limits and decided to patiently wait until my endurance gets better.

vehicle-free Skyway

Like the popular #SaTamangPanahon hashtag says, the right time did arrive and I happily checked one item off my bucket list yesterday morning -- I ran 10k on the Skyway, and it was awesome! Our practice runs and actual races in the past months paid off!

amazing! hubby and I "met" near the toll gate when he was on his way
to the finish line while I was just 2k into my distance category! 
My husband left our house around 11PM last Saturday to make it to the 42k gun start at midnight. I followed hours later since 10k won't start until 5AM. The heavens were still dark when I joined more than a thousand runners in our distance category as we set off to conquer the Skyway. 

I savored the "me time" for around an hour and a half as I alternately ran and walked while listening to my running playlist and taking photos and videos using the very handy Cherry Action Cam and the great-for-selfies ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser. The eastern horizon looked so beautiful as the sky turned pink when dawn broke around 6AM. 

passing through the toll gate without paying any toll :p
7 Eleven and its brand partners did a great job providing runners with a lot of drinks as there were hydration stations giving out cups of Pocari Sweat, Powerade, Gatorade, Summit Mineral Water, and Del Monte Fit & Right. I found the sight of portalets stationed on certain parts of the Skyway a bit funny though but I was sure glad they're there especially by the time I've already covered more than six kilometers and drank several cups of energy drinks :p

I did it! Woohoo!
It was unfortunate that I started to feel cramps on my lower legs and toes before I reached the ramp going down the Skyway because running became quite painful. Still, I tried to ignore the sensation as much as possible and determinedly pushed on to reach the finish line. The sense of relief and accomplishment when I did so more than compensated for the discomfort.      

bumped into friends Ana, Paul, and Eunice
Before we went home, hubby and I went around the event area and lined up at some of the many sponsors' booths with short queues. We even bumped into a few friends and happily took groufies to preserve the moment.

earned another finisher's medal :)
Like its predecessor, I'm including this year's 7 Eleven Run in my list of most memorable races. I don't know if I'll get to run on the Skyway again someday but the happy memory of my first ever run there will stay with me for a long time ;)

* Please check my Instagram account @ruthfloresca to see other photos I posted about the run ...

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