Friday, November 27, 2015

Race Review: Gatorade Run 1122

"A sea of orange!" That was my first thought when hubby and I arrived at the Mall of Asia running grounds at 3AM last November 22. Hundreds of runners wearing the Gatorade Run 2015 orange singlets were already milling about, waiting for the first gun start.  

fireworks at 3AM!
night photography by Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0
There was an energetic vibe in the air, which was amplified by an overnight open ground concert being held beside the race venue. We even caught the nice fireworks they featured before the music event ended. 

waiting for gunstart
Inside the media tent, Gatorade White Lightning bottles were stylishly displayed on lighted cocktail tables. We changed into our own orange singlets that came in different designs for males and females. That's a nice touch!      

highlighting Gatorade's White Lightning flavor
That morning, there were only two distance categories: 11k and 22k. Why not 10k and 21k? Well, check the date and you'll know why :) My husband went ahead to join the 22k runners at 4AM while I waited for the 5AM gunstart. 

gunstart for 22k
I am so glad I was still able to rest after the previous day's POGS Run 2015 although I experienced a bad cramp on my left foot three kilometers before I reached the finish line. Despite the discomfort, I pushed through and made sure I get to the end of the race even if I had to limp at some point to ease the pain in my foot.

recommended Gatorade intake before and after a race
According to my race result, I finished 11k at 1:50:48 (chip time) and ranked 2638 out of 3658 runners in the category. If you also ran, you can check here the 11k race results and 22k race results

encouraging cheerleaders 
Gatorade did a great job providing lots of hydration stations along the race route. Plus, the cheerleaders were really helpful in encouraging tired runners to reach the finish line. I also appreciated the high quality of the Adidas singlets and finisher shirts, especially since this is the first run where, instead of a finisher's medal, I finally got to EARN my own finisher's shirt! :)

Thank you Gatorade and DDB PR for the invitation to join this race!

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