Monday, October 19, 2015

Footwear Review: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber (#RubberChucks)

Water can be harmful to most kinds of footwear. With people being more fashion-conscious these days, rainy days could make it difficult to put together outfits with shoes that make a good match

trying out the Casino Red Rubber Chucks with Marj
Most times, we end up choosing to wear sandals or slippers to avoid having our favorite shoes ruined by puddles and drops of rain. The problem is, our feet get exposed to wetness and dirt. I often experience that and it's very uncomfortable traveling with cold and soaked feet. 

Rubber Chucks in Gloom Green and Converse Black
Several times in the past, I've also ended up having soggy socks and sneakers as a result of braving flooded streets after a sudden downpour. 

braving the rain
Last weekend, with Typhoon Lando looming over the Philippines, it rained heavily while I was about to leave the house. It was the perfect chance to test drive the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber and see if it will keep my feet dry as promised.

now fearless about getting my feet wet! 
It did! This comfy pair's full rubberized upper made of waterproof material effectively repelled water. Its waxed laces furthermore kept it water tight. I love that the #RubberChucks also has a gusseted tongue that provide extra protection from wetness. Inside, the inner French Terry lining kept my feet warm. 

Rubber Chucks in Thunder Gray
Honestly, there was such a feeling of freedom ├ánd confidence to step on wet pavements without skirting around puddles and worrying about literally getting cold feet! 

weather storms without sacrificing style!
I am so glad that the new Converse Rubber Chucks made good on its promise of protecting feet while helping me stay fashionable. It definitely provides total comfort while weathering a storm without sacrificing style.

the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber comes in four colors
The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber, which is part of the Converse Fall Holiday 2015 Weatherized Colllection, is available in four new colorways of two-toned uppers: Converse Black, Gloom Green, Thunder Gray, and Casino Red

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