Rebisco Combi World's Biggest POPulation Song Blends Various Sounds Into a Musical Marvel

We hear different sounds every day but I bet you also don't really notice many of them. For me, it's normal hearing our dog bark, waking up with the alarm clock sounding off in the morning, or flicking a light switch when night starts to fall.

Kat DJ
Last June until July, Rebisco Combi encouraged people to send in video sound clips that matched certain weekly themes. The clips will be used to create an extraordinary song where all sounds are combined. The best clips for each time period were chosen and rewarded with cool Humlan headphones from notable audio specialist Urbanears.

Buganda Drumbeaters
In just over a month, more than 500 video sound clips were submitted. Sources of the interesting and creative sound bites came from household items to animals as well as body parts! The result surprised everyone who went to URBN Bar and Kitchen in Bonifacio Global City the other night. There, Rebisco launched the Combi World's Biggest POPulation Song made with the submitted video sound clips, which highlighted how unusual combinations can turn into something amazing.

Alodia Gosengfiao
Before the song was revealed, there were fun games and music by the Buganda Drumbeaters and electronica maven Kat DJ. Also present was event host Alodia Gosengfiao, a cosplayer who is known for her eye-catching costumes using quirky combinations.

combining different sounds is so cool!
In one instance, all the guests were given things that make sounds. Our group got a metal pail and wooden spoon while others received piggy banks, plastic bottles, and plastic pails. We were then taught to create specific beats per group. When all the sounds were combined and everyone was doing his/her part, the resulting piece was phenomenal! I hope somebody took photos and a video because it would be really fun to relive that moment. I, personally, had a lot of fun.

The Combi World POPulation song was then revealed (please watch the video above) and once more showed all of us how unusual things can be combined for an amazing result. In the same way, the crackers/cookies, wafers, and filling of Rebisco Combi make for a perfectly combined snack that is definitely a delight to eat. 

yummy Combi!
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