ARCA South's SyncRUNize Uses the Power of Technology to Create a One-of-a-Kind Adventure Race

Running has allowed me to experience a lot of firsts. Although I'm already using Runtastic to keep track of my practice and actual runs, I've never used a mobile app that I need to check every time I encounter a pit stop. That is, until hubby and I joined the SyncRUNize race held at ARCA South in Taguig last Saturday.

a shot with the jovial members of the Philippine Army
SyncRUNize is a unique running and adventure race because the organizers prepared 15 stations where runners have to finish various physical and mental challenges first before we could go on to the next levels. 

hubby conquered the inclined wall, yey!
I can't recall the exact order of all the activities we did but I can definitely say many of them are VERY challenging. For instance, I tried to cross the monkey bars but just couldn't make it past the halfway mark. So I had to take the five minute penalty. 

I couldn't jump high enough so I posed for a photo instead :p
But, I successfully completed other tasks such as passing the hurdles (complete with posing for a photo LOL), crawling through concrete pipes, weaving in and out of a bamboo barricade, flipping a heavy tire several times, limbo-rocking, traversing a wall, shooting arrows, and more.

run, sync, go!
We also had to solve math and trivia questions before we can get the codes we needed to enter in the SyncRUNize app so we can move on to other stations. It's great that all the marshals were very helpful in assisting participants whenever we have questions or other concerns. 

a salute to our Philippine Army for all the things they do for our country!
Although I knew that proceeds of the race will be given to HERO Foundation, it came as a pleasant surprise to see members of the Philippine Army actually assisting runners in some of the "checkpoints." They made us do some difficult moves, which made me feel like I was undergoing a military boot camp training. It was all fun, though, because the soldiers were in good humor and encouraged us to finish faster. 

the bike course with ramps
The activities were quite tiring but the thought of finishing the race made me plod on until we got to the finish line. I am happy to have done this with my husband beside me because he continues to be my number one cheerleader in every race we join. 

with my best friend, running buddy, and #1 cheerleader :)
My official time in the SyncRUNize app is 1:02:43. Not too bad considering I average around 42 to 50 minutes to finish a 5k run. But I am in awe of the younger participants who were able to finish the course in less than an hour! They were really fast!  

my race bib with proofs that we completed the challenges in all stations 
You can read more details about this "race with a twist" and the ARCA South real estate development in my other blog post, here. Congratulations to all our fellow participants! :)

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