Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reduce Sick Days in Children with One to Two Servings of Pineapple a Day

A clinical study, published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, revealed that more and more Filipino children get sick more often due to their weak immune systems. Unfortunately, this growing concern in kids may affect different areas of your child's life, including time-sensitive activities such as attending classes in school.

kids who fail to attend classes also miss out on other opportunities for growth 
Getting sick for several days, leading to multiple absences, are likely to set back a child's education, overall development, and growth. Missing school means getting left behind in learning valuable lessons that could be crucial later on in the school year. More often, these children find it hard to get back on track.

Thus, parents need to make sure that kids are kept safe from infections by boosting their immunity through proper nutrition. According to Dr. Marina V. Vargas of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos recommends having two to three servings of vegetables a day (1 serving = 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked veggies) and two servings of fruits a day (1 serving should be rich in Vitamin C).

Pineapple Milk Shake made using Del Monte Pineapple Chunks

However, the 2013 Food Consumption Survey on Households and Individuals found out that there is a low intake of fruits and vegetables among young Filipinos while adults, the elderly, and pregnant and lactating women, also fall short of eating the recommended amounts.

"Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of Vitamin C," affirmed Dr. Vargas. "They are naturally low in fat and calories, are filling, and may reduce the risks of cancer and other chronic diseases."

Dr. Leonora Palasigue, Dean of the Philippine Women's University (PWU), revealed that the top five causes of death in the country are pneumonia, malnutrition, measles, diarrhea, and malaria as per the World Health Organization (WHO). "Malnourishment is the key to all these. Therefore, a balanced diet with adequate rest and exercise can contribute immensely to a child's resistance to disease."

results of a study on canned pineapple consumption of school children
She recommends two servings of Del Monte Pineapple a day based on results gathered in a nine-week study they conducted among 98 school children in Paco, Manila. Their research, entitled Effects of Canned Pineapple Consumption on Nutritional Status, Immunodulation, and Physical Health of Selected School Children, found an overall improved immunity due to increased granulocyte production. 

"Granulocytes make up 60 percent of white blood cells, which help fight infection," explained Dr. Palasigue. "Canned pineapples are proven to be a great way of giving children stronger immunity through granulocytes, which are fighter cells that shorten down time and keep infections away." She added that canned pineapple is also easy to give to children because it tastes really good.

Pineapple with Salted Caramel - highly recommended!
Admittedly, many children have an aversion to eating fruits and vegetables. This is why Del Monte Philippines created delicious snack recipes that incorporate pineapples. "It is now easier to boost your child's immunity with sneaky snacks!" said Mari Gonzales, Fruits and Snacks Category Head of Del Monte. "Adding two servings of canned pineapples to your children's daily diet goes a long way in protecting them against sickness."

I was able to try the Pineapple with Salted Caramel and the Pineapple Milk Shake served during the media event earlier and they are really delicious! I am positive that kids would also love them! For the complete recipes, please click here

remember moms, keeping our kids healthy should start with us!
Keep your children from missing out on many opportunities by making sure they have a stronger immune system! Giving them #DMPineappleADay is a quick, easy, and delicious way to boost immunity while supplying them with much needed nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, fiber, and manganese.

With these, kids will not only be able to fight off infection easily. They can also keep attending classes and make the most of their precious time learning in school.  

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