Saturday, August 22, 2015

Get Your Caffeine Fix at Recession Coffee and Pay What You Want For It!

Digital Walker has set the bar for industrial class and fashion forward digital accessorizing since it opened its first futuristic and pop-art inspired store in 2004. Until now, it remains a great place to find hip, quality, and trailblazing tech accessories that enable today's technocrats to get their geek on in style. 

gadget accessories galore
No wonder tech-savvy customers have repeatedly come back to check out the latest in music headgear, portable speakers, gizmo protectors, and a few cult-loved gadgets.

choose from a variety of sweet treats to pair with your coffee
To push the envelope further, this popular gadget accessory store brought a new twist in its Eastwood Mall location. Recessions Coffee by Digital Walker is a coffee and tech lover's dream because the cafe is located right inside the fun and funky tech store. What's more, patrons can order a great cup of coffee at whatever price they'd like to give or can afford. Just pay-want-you-want! 

unwind with cappuccino and cheesecake while listening to music via a portable speaker
Recession Coffee serves excellent brews from beans like Dark Matter Theory and other interesting names of grinds such as Panama Carmen Estate, Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Suke Quote, and Kenya Wakulima.

snack on sweets paired with aromatic coffee
Pair the cup with one of the delectable pastries whipped up by Chef Miko Aspiras (he's the one who created the chocolate creations at Magnum Manila!) before settling down in a corner while listening, perhaps, to music using earphones just bought from Digital Walker.

funny prices
The pay-what-you-want concept gives coffee aficionados the freedom to pay as much or as less as they want for a cup. Take note, though, that Recession Coffee and Digital Walker have humorously posted suggested prices and their possible meanings. So contribute wisely :p

bloggers at Recession Coffee
photo credit: Kristel Ann Cruz
When in the Eastwood area, do drop by and check out the flavorful coffee and yummy confectioneries before or after you go shopping for a new gadget accessory. I'm sure you'll also have fun like we did :)

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