WeatherPhilippines Mobile App: Providing Accurate Forecasts Through Localized Reports

Do you usually leave the house wondering whether you should bring your umbrella and jacket with you, or not? How about making decisions to wear or not to wear waterproof shoes? That is often my dilemma. I dislike being caught off guard by the weather so I usually am prepared for the worst, despite the weight added to my already heavy shoulder bag. 

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You see, I've personally experienced finding myself under a sudden downpour on those few days I chose not to bring an umbrella or wear more sensible shoes. And that annoys me greatly. So imagine how glad I was to discover a mobile app that helps me check the weather in my area, before I leave home, and the weather in any place I'm supposed to go to!

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According to WeatherPhilippines, makers of the very useful app, there is a tendency for people to over-prepare or under-prepare due to the lack of accurate weather information. Companies cancel work and lose money, and vacation trips get ruined only for a predicted bad day to end up with fair weather. This lack of accurate weather information prevents us from making the right decisions and actions and ends in affecting both our work and lifestyle. 

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On a bigger scale, the Philippines likewise needs to utilize weather information, not just for disaster-preparedness, but also for strengthening key programs in tourism, agriculture, business continuity, and sustainable development.

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Thankfully, WeatherPhilippines now provides the country with a premier weather sensing and forecasting system made possible by technology, inclusive partnerships, and communication. It was founded in 2012 by Aboitiz Foundation, UnionBank, and Meteogroup to deliver free, more localized, and accurate weather information accessed through

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As of 2014, WeatherPhilippines has already deployed 750 Automated Weather Stations (AWS) nationwide in partnership with more than 568 Local Government Units and private sector companies. I first learned about them last year during the launch of the #WeatherWiser Nation campaign and was really impressed with their efforts.

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WeatherPhilippines supports and complements the government's nationwide efforts to reduce risks of disasters and help build a #WeatherWiserNation using weather information for nation-building and sustainable development. 

3-day forecast for Morong, Bataan
Last week, my husband and I joined a group of online influencers on a day trip to Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan to learn more on how localized weather affect our lives. The cool thing was, the day before we left, we got to check via the new WeatherPhilippines app how the weather in Bataan would be!   

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There, we also had a crash course on mountaineering courtesy of Mountain Hard Wear and Columbia Philippines. Although I don't normally climb mountains, the many tips I learned, such as waterproofing stuff inside my backpack and how to distribute weight evenly, would still be very useful to me when I go traveling. 

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As predicted, the weather in Anvaya was mostly cloudy without rain, which made it very ideal for us to take a dip in the pool and have some fun on the beach. Before we left, we even got to catch the beautiful sunset magnificently displayed across the ocean.  

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The passion to strengthen local travels inspired WeatherPhilippines' to develop their new mobile application. Knowing a destination's weather in advance will definitely allow individuals to help create a #WeatherWiser nation that is empowered to use accurate information for enhancing one's lifestyle (be it travel, fashion, or sports) and optimizing economic productivity. 

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The WeatherPhilippines app is available for free download on iOS and Android. It gives weather a personal touch through its customizable locations and color-coded weather warnings based on world meteorological standards. There are now 750 areas all over the Philippines that have AWS. Users can select, save, and label significant locations as well as easily access the weather information and 3-day localized weather forecasts of their homes, offices, and favorite travel destinations.

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So, what's your #WOTD (Weather of the Day)? Download the app now! Keep updated on new developments and other useful information by liking WeatherPhilippines Foundation on Facebook.

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