Monday, July 27, 2015

SkinWhite Captivate Council Gives Back to Communities as well as Empowers Teens

We’ve often heard it said that being a truly beautiful person should be based more on what’s inside. I believe that and would personally like to see more young Filipinas not only looking good physically, but also feeling and doing good for others. 

SkinWhite aims to do just that – to give our young ladies the tools they need to improve who they are both inside and out. The brand’s campaign called #BetterMe was launched specifically to inspire and empower teens.  Actress and SkinWhite Ambassador, Kim Chiu, shared how #BetterMe makes her and other girls look at the brighter side of life.

A few months ago, SkinWhite Captivate Council girls mingled with 20 girls from Barangay Tagalag, the second poorest barangay in Valenzuela City. There, they got to know each other’s stories and share about their lives.

Singer KA Antonio was invited to hold a Personality Development Seminar where she gave tips on staying confident and loving one’s unique qualities. She also highlighted why good grooming is important and how the girls can make themselves feel beautiful with the help of SkinWhite products like lotion, soap, deodorant, cream, and face cream powder. To make it easier for the girls to do just that, SkinWhite’s Marketing and Brand Activation Group prepared and distributed goodie bags to the attendees.

The #BetterMe movement, launched in 2013, chose the second batch of the Captivate Council from approximately 500 aspiring teens from some of the most prestigious college campuses in the country. Only 25 girls were handpicked based on their school accomplishments and their ability to inspire others with their go-getting and stay-confident attitude. 

Aside from fashion and beauty makeovers, multi-media exposure, and fun events, SkinWhite included outreach activities and fitness parties to have a more holistic approach in helping the girls grasp the #BetterMe concept. The goal is for members of the SkinWhite’s Captivate Council to lead by example as it is not just about looking good on the outside, but feeling and doing good, too.

These days, a lot of teens get lost in social media drama or become engulfed in their #fomo (fear of missing out). Through the #BetterMe campaign the Captivate Council, SkinWhite wants to remind these girls about what really matters and allow them to develop confidence so they can be kinder to themselves and to others, too.

I am glad that SkinWhite’s advocacy also focuses on giving back to the community because young, privileged girls need to realize that there’s a bigger world out there outside their comfort zones. Exposing them to realities such as poverty being experienced by other girls their age will not only help them appreciate what they have, but also awaken in them the desire to make a difference.  

It is also important to make young ladies realize how essential it is to take care of themselves, especially when they’re going through tough times. Truly, when you make time to make yourself feel good, you’ll find out you also have enough energy left to lift others up.

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Although I regularly do practice runs during late afternoons, I still get exposed to the sun, which results to skin darkening. After taking a shower, I apply SkinWhite lotion to even out my skin tone. In the photo below, you can see the slight difference between my untreated left arm vs. my right arm with SkinWhite. Aside from its whitening benefits, I love this lotion’s very nice fragrance!

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