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Enjoy a Better Quality of Life by Getting the Right Nutrition and Maintaining Muscle Health

"Strength is essential to enjoy life as we age. It is relevant to the growing Filipino aging population" said Dr. Jose Rodolfo Dimaano Jr., Abbott Medical Director, during a media event for Ensure. "[Thus,] we have to maintain a good level of strength for better quality of life."Did you know that by 2040, 1/4 of the Philippine population will be composed of people age 50 and up? Before we reach that age, we must already do something about not losing our strength!

in pursuit of a better quality of life
photo credit: Azrael Coladilla
Loss of strength, according to a local survey, is a concern among Filipinos age 40 and up. Factors that affect this include:
  • Lack of physical activities (7 out of 10 adults with normal BMI consumer only 60% or less of their required food intake)
  • Nutritional gaps that reduce muscle function affecting performance of daily activities like walking and climbing stairs (food intake below 75% of estimated requirement puts people at risk of malnutrition)
  • Progressive muscle mass loss (there's an 8% loss for each decade among adults between the ages of 40 and 70), which reduces strength and physical performance
how many squats can you do in 30 seconds? do that in 3 sets! :p
"Eighty percent of our health status depends on the food we eat," revealed Dr. Dimaano. He shared about tests performed on adults where it was found out that those with nutrition gaps had lower performance scores compared to age-matched norm. For instance, they are five times slower to step up and down in a ten-step test.

Dr. Dimaano and Edu Manzano
"Abbott is committed to helping people live more active, healthier lives," shared Dr. Dimaano who gave details on their advocacy campaign to fight nutrition gaps. There will be 8,700 activation days at select drug stores and supermarkets nationwide for the Ensure Stay Strong Grip Strength Challenge. This is a free assessment on strength and muscle mass that aims to reach over 200,000 aging adults nationwide. The activity will measure the individual's grip strength and muscle mass levels with free hand grip strength and muscle mass tests.

save the date and bring your lolos and lolas to this event on September 13!
"The consequences of having nutrition gaps and decreased physical performance due to muscle mass loss in older adults can be debilitating. Being aware of your muscle mass levels and gaps in nutrition can prompt you to take charge of your health by maintaining a balanced diet and an active lifestyle," he encouraged. "Resistance exercise along with a complete and balanced oral nutrition such as Ensure can help improve strength. Complete and balanced oral nutrition supplements are shown to improve hand grip strength within 8 weeks of intake."

you'll need grip strength to carry these kettle bells! 
Veteran actor, TV personality, and businessman Edu Manzano, likewise believes that people should prepare themselves well before retirement by leading a healthy lifestyle while they are still young. "I may be in my late 50s, but my body feels a lot younger. I observe a strict, balanced diet, a regular fitness routine and surround myself with a regular dose of green space. These habits help me keep up with the demands of my career and personal life," he described.

the kettle bells challenge
"I'm exercising. I've gone back to working out more and found myself doing more than what I was doing in the past. It's time all of us do a lifestyle change to live better lives," added Manzano. "I take Ensure three times a day. The chocolate flavor is my favorite. I love that I can take Ensure anywhere I go. It's very convenient."

can you guess what you have to do with these ropes?
To inspire media guests to live healthier lives, we were given workout uniforms and challenged to join a cross fit training at SPARTA in Pioneer, Mandaluyong. It was my first time to do this kind of activity and found that, despite my increased endurance thanks to running, there are still a lot of muscle groups I need to develop.

great workout for the arms!
Each of the five stations had a challenging activity. We were made to do planking, pushups, squats, crawling (without our knees touching the floor), carrying kettle bells, and exercising with ropes. My verdict? Crossfit is fun especially when you do it with friends. I think all of us woke up sore in various body parts the next morning but it was the kind of pain that you know is good for you.    

how long can you stay in this planking position?
Apart from drinking Ensure, I am personally glad to have learned more techniques to keeping my body fit. As proof of this new found enthusiasm, I already bought a yoga mat so I can also exercise more at home :)

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