Friday, June 26, 2015

The Many Ways I "Do More With Less" Using Our Electrolux Home Appliances

Time is precious. I am sure many of us acknowledge that in this fast-paced world we now live in. Moms, especially, seem to be always pressed for time because we have to accomplish so many things in a day. Sometimes, we wish for additional hours to the standard 24 just to fit in our responsibilities at home and in the office. Thus, I really appreciate having things that help me save time and effort so I can do more with less. 

Easy floor cleaning
For instance, our Electrolux Iron (we've had this for a few years already and it's still very functional) that comes with built-in steam and spray mechanisms allowed us to eliminate the spray bottle from the picture. The work is done faster with lesser effort but the clothes still come out crisp and wrinkle-free. What's more, the iron's light weight prevents my arm from feeling the usual muscle aches that result from ironing a lot of clothes in one go.

I love this iron's steam function!
And then, there's the Electrolux Silent Blender that is a big help in preparing food for my special child's tube feeding sessions. In the past, our previous blenders would only last for a few months because they can't handle the daily use we put them through. The bad thing was, we kept spending for new ones and get the same results! 

Thankfully, we discovered Electrolux's heavy duty blender that not only breaks down food fast, but also makes minimal noise so nobody in our family minds when my husband or I would need to prepare James' food when he wakes up in the middle of the night. 

our blender that makes very little noise
We also find the Electrolux Dynamica Vacuum Cleaner very helpful in cleaning floors and carpets. It's flexible so you can push it even under the bed to get all the dirt out. I love that the cord can be neatly coiled on hooks behind it plus it comes with a stand so it can be stored upright and take up very little space. 

our easy-to-store vacuum cleaner
However, our best and my top favorite home appliance would have to be our Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine. This was an answered prayer that was delivered to our house exactly on the day of my birthday last month. 

my favorite home appliance
Now, weeks later, I can no longer imagine going back to washing clothes using a separate washer and spinner. With the Electrolux T-Drive, we just press buttons on the machine to program water level, time, etc. along with the laundry powder and fabric conditioner in their own compartments, and we can leave it alone for an hour or more to do its own thing. 

seriously, this machine makes washing clothes more fun and convenient!
Meanwhile, I get to work on other stuff, such as beating my writing deadlines or cooking meals, without having to stop every ten minutes or so to transfer laundry back and forth from the washer to the spinner before the clothes can be hung to dry. I just wait for the beep beep of the machine to tell me that our clothes are already clean, fragrant, and are ready for the clothesline. Now that's a real time and effort saver!

my son enjoying ironing his uniform on his own
There are many other ways to work smarter, not harder. This includes recycling and upcycling things around the house that we usually throw in the trash can without a second thought. Instead of spending for stuff, check first if there's something at home that can be repurposed for what you need. Learn tips and tricks about doing more with less so you can declutter, save money, and even help the environment!

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