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Take Away Children's Fear of Mathematics with the Help of Galileo Enrichment Learning Program's Singapore Math Learning Festival!

I grew up disliking Math. After learning the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, lessons became harder to understand as teachers breezed through the subjects, not really waiting for students to catch up and really understand what they need to learn and why. I see the same happening in many schools today and it continues to negatively affect students -- including my own kids.  

parent bloggers who now like Math!
I never thought there'd be a time when I would actually start to like Math … until I got to try solving problems the Singapore Math way. My first thought was, "So there is a better and easier way! Why are Philippine schools not teaching this?!" 

Singapore's math curriculum remains top in academic excellence worldwide
Apparently, there are now a few schools in the Philippines that have already started teaching Singapore Math. But there are still so many students, parents, and teachers who need to know about this! In the world of education, Singapore Math has transformed how students see mathematics. From personal experience, I saw that it really is an effective tool in promoting creativity and innovation because it's different (and much more fun) than the traditional ways of learning math and solving equations. 

learning should be FUN!
Singapore Math teaches students how to improve their critical thinking skills by finding creative ways to solve math problems. And we all know that children learn better when they are having fun, right? So it is really important that we prepare the young generation for the future.

This coming July 4, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is staging the 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival (SMLF) at the AIM Conference Center located at Benavidez corner Trasiera Sts., Makati City. There will be plenary and learning sessions from 7:30AM to 5:00PM.

How does Singapore Math help students?
Topics to be discussed include:

  • Foundations of Singapore Math by award-winning mathematician, Ateneo professor, psychologist, and writer Dr. Queena Lee-Chua; and Xavier School student, mathematician, artist, and writer Scott Lee Chua
  • 21st Century Learning by Ann Wongchuking-Pato, MA.Ed, of the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore and Director of Galileo Enrichment Learning Program
  • Connected Educators: Engaged Teachers by Gail Tan, Google Philippines Country Communications Manager
  • Creating a Singapore Math Portal by Shiarell Loida Cruz, Master Teacher at the Department of Education and scholar of Temasek Foundation 
  • Games that Teach by Maribeth R. Lamis, Operations and Training Head at Galileo and Training-Facilitator of Singapore Math Training for Teachers
  • The Magic of Model Drawing by Tom Chu, professor at St. Stephen's High School, author of Math textbooks, and consultant and editor of Diwa Publishing and Vibal Publishing
  • Seeing Math at Home by Homeschool PH's Milona Barraca, homeschool expert and business consultant
  • Building Blocks to Algebraic Thinking by Ateneo professor and NIE visiting assistant professor Dr. Flordeliza Francisco 

new generation of learners should be taught to love math
Education continues to evolve and we really have to ensure that our young generation of learners are equipped to belong in the new global workplace. I believe that the education industry should make a shift such that students are geared towards lifelong learning and having the right skills needed to make them global citizens of the future.

Teacher Beth Lamis showed us a creative way to learn math
Thus, this year's theme for the SMLF is Preparing for the Future: Creativity and Innovation through Singapore Math. It will be a venue to educate teachers, school administrators, educators, and parents with creative and innovative teaching strategies in using Singapore Math for creativity and innovation.

with Ms. Fides Reyes and Ms. Rowie Matti of Galileo 
To register, please visit for more details. You can also call (02) 845.1234 or (02) 553.6193 or email Learning session fee is P3,750 per person. Get one seat free if you register four participants for their 4 + 1 promo.

In case you won't be able to make it to the SMLF, you can also enroll your child for Galileo's after-shool learning programs in English, Math, and Singapore Math. Contact them at the numbers above, email, or log on to For more updates and promos like, follow @galileoenrich on Twitter, and @galileoenrichment on Instagram.

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