Thursday, May 07, 2015

Get Skin to Skin with Gunze, the Leading Innerwear from Japan, Now in the Philippines

I am one of those who believe that what you have under your clothes has an impact on what you wear. Unfortunately, I often see a lot of fashionable-looking people who, on closer inspection, have unsightly lines and bulges caused by the wrong choice of undergarments. 

Gunze models
According to Gunze, the leading innerwear brand from Japan,  one's most intimate apparel requires serious thinking when you go shopping because they have do the power to make you feel attractive. Innerwear should caress, accentuate, and protect your body so you have to look for three fundamental things before you buy some: utmost comfort, perfect fit, and high quality.

Gunze in Glorietta 3, Makati
Filipinos are in for a treat because Gunze is now available in the Philippines! The brand, which was established way back in 1896, manufactures premium quality silk. It later expanded its product line to intimate apparel for men and women. Gunze's philosophy, "a touch of comfort," reflects the kind of products it offers to customers worldwide.

worn like a second skin
Models who showed off Gunze products showed how easy it is to feel like you're wearing your second skin whether for work, party, or play.

foot covers and stockings
For women in the workforce who are required to wear stockings to work may want to try Gunze hosiery sub-brands like Mirica stockings made with nylon and polyurethane that gives a breathable feel with enhanced flexibility and durability. There are also comfort fitting camisoles from Tuche that are uniquely designed with extra underarm fabric for a fresh feel all day and will match any edgy corporate OOTD. A bra and panty set from Tuche can moreover empower a "work-mode-on" mood for better productivity.

Tuche underwear
As to men, they can also come extra prepared for a long day ahead with Gunze's Body Wild Crew Neck T-shirt made of 100% cotton that can be perfectly matched with a Body Wild boxer brief in polyester, nylon, and polyurethane. Add to that impressive shirt and boxer brief combo with Coolmagic formal socks made of rayon, polyester, nylon, and acrylic to help you move with ease and less effort. 

Gunze for women
When it comes to parties, ladies can breeze through any special event in comfort and style with a Tuche Skirt from Gunze and a Tuche Body Shaper with a nylon and polyester bando bra underneath. Clad your feet with the comfortable Tuche 100% cotton Foot Cover so you can continue to dance all night.

foot covers in various colors
Men will also feel cool and comfortable at parties wearing Gunze's Coolnista Crew Neck T-shirt from the Body Wild category of the fashionable and printed collection. There are also Gunze's Body Wild Foot Cover Socks that comes with a soft gel at the back heel so you can keep on partying even way past midnight. 

shirt and boxers for men
Go on your summer adventures, on the other hand, wearing Tuche Camisole with bra cup matched with washed out denim jeggings over a comfortable skin-like lace panty. Guys can enjoy unhampered activities under the summer heat with Gunze's Body Dry V-neck T-shirt in black and Body Wild boxer briefs in fashionable hot red prints. Sports socks are also available in bright colors and style selections. 

Gunze jeggings
Discover innerwear that will fit like a second skin and will address your fashion and comfort needs. Visit the Gunze store in Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City. Be updated about their latest collections and promos by liking GunzePH on Facebook and following @Gunze_PH on Twitter and Instagram. Use the hashtags #GunzeSkin2Skin and #WearYou when you post online.

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