Downy and Pays Tribute to Moms on Mother's Day and Introduces the Downy Timeless Variant

Scent is a powerful thing. There are certain fragrances from my past that can bring back certain memories in an instant whenever I smell them. Babies, it has been said, know their mother's scent even before they are able to see their moms. It's not surprising then that a simple whiff of something familiar can evoke so much emotion and nostalgia

beautiful table setting at The Peninsula Manila
As Mother's Day comes nearer, we can't help but go on trips down memory lane and remember precious times with our moms while we were still growing up. More than the familiar sights and sounds, scents play a role in reminding us of moments with Mom -- the mouthwatering aroma of her signature dish, the comforting smell of a baby blankie as she tucks you in at night, and the scent of her favorite perfume that remains on her dress long after she has taken it off. 

posing for a portrait with my mom
Scents remind us of moments we shared with the woman who has always been, and will continue to be by our side -- our mothers. Downy understands the power of scents. It helps us, mothers, create memories with our children. In fact, the clean fragrance of newly-laundered clothes and sheets is one of my family's favorite scents.

Deirdre de Padua
This May, Downy joins in the tribute to women who work tirelessly day in and out for their loved ones and whose dedication to their families knows no bounds. "Just in time for Mother's Day, we introduce new Downy Timeless, which represents a scent meant to evoke the sincerity and simplicity of unwavering, genuine love," shared Deirdre de Padua, P&G Communications Manager, during a luncheon for moms held at The Peninsula Manila yesterday. 

lunch at The Peninsula Manila
The gathering celebrated how a mother's love does not only endures, but also evolves, over time. The way she raised her children, as well as her words and actions, affect the kind of parents her offspring may eventually be. 

Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi
"They say that you will only begin to understand how it is to be a parent or, in this case, a mother, once you have become one yourself," affirmed event host Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi. "As a new mom, I had to figure out many things, and my mom was there to help me along the way. Truly, how my mom raised me made me the mom I am today."

Downy Timeless
De Padua adds that they wanted to provide a classic scent that mirrors how a mother's love never goes out of style. Downy Timeless combines the playful notes of citrus fruits that hark back to memories of youth; the feminine scent of flowers reminiscent of femininity; and mixes those with a trace of musk and sandalwood, to evoke stability and calmness.

mother and daughter at The Lobby
of The Peninsula Manila
One of the best gifts we can give our mom during Mother's Day is creating new memories with her. Thanks to Downy, I got to spend time with my Nanay during this special luncheon. Truly, celebrating the love between mother and child, no matter how old we get, is timeless and will never get out of style! 

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