Saturday, May 16, 2015

Discover Delicious Tendon Creations at Tenya in SM Megamall

The past centuries have seen how the Philippines became a thriving place where cultural exchanges happen. These activities undeniably influenced the Filipino taste and made us always ready to try out diverse and exciting flavors from all over the world. 

with foodie blogger friends
Japanese classics, for instance, have become such a hit with the Pinoy palate such that the food craze over Tonkatsu, Curry, and Ramen is evident across the country. Now, a new player has come to town and is ready to create a niche in the Philippine food scene.
Tenya from Asakusa, Tokyo
Tenya, a highly popular restaurant that originated in Asakusa, Tokyo is now open to serve Japanese food lovers with authentic Japanese Tendons! It was an eye-opener for me to find out that in Japan, restaurants only serve their own specialties. This means if you want sushi, go to a sushi place, but there won't be any tempura there. You have to go to a place that serves tempura instead to satisfy your cravings.

All-Star Tendon (P325)
In Metro Manila, go to Tenya to get your tendon fix. They serve tasty meals that will please your palate and fill your tummy. Some of my blogger friends and I got to try some of Tenya's offerings recently and had a great time over yummy food and good conversations.

Isobe Cheese (P185)
For starters, we had Isobe Cheese, which is cheddar wrapped in roasted seaweed and tempura fried. This is best eaten hot immediately after arriving on your table. You'll delight in the melted cheese that stretches as you bite! 

All-Star Tempura Teishoku (P430)
I chose my meal from the Teishoku section. This is a Japanese set meal classic that's served with Japanese rice, potato salad, miso soup, tempura sauce, radish, ginger, and pickles. My All Star Tempura Teishoku was beautifully served in a big tray. It has black tiger prawn, squid, salmon, kani stick, small kakiage, green beans, and mushroom. 

Dontare sauce
I love how succulent and big the tiger prawn was. There's a lot more meat than flour, which made me wish I ordered the other dish that have more of it. Oh, and do try Tenya's signature Dontare sauce (found in a small pot-like container on each table). It's thicker and has a richer taste than the regular tempura sauce. 

a Soba / Udon set
If you think a Teishoku meal is not enough for you, opt for one of the Soba / Udon set meals with noodles. I just have to warn you that it might really get challenging to finish it all if you don't have someone to share it with. 

Fruity Juicy Pops (P75 each)
For dessert, our table ordered one of each flavor of the Fruity Juicy Pop. It comes in Strawberry, Coconut Lychee, Lite Citrus, and Orange Vanilla. I had the coconut lychee and loved it but was told to try the lite citrus next time. Tenya's owner said it's their bestseller because the citrusy flavor helps cleanse the palate after eating.

with namesake Ruth -- we felt like kids eating the fruity juicy pops!
Aside from Tenya's delicious dishes, I love the restaurant's interior. It has a welcoming and comfortable ambiance that would make you feel at home with friends and family when you dine there. Visit Tenya soon! It's located at the 4th Level of SM Megamall, Building A. Happy eating! :)

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