Monday, March 23, 2015

Experiencing a Couple of Firsts at Shakey's Color Fun Run

Hubby and I joined Shakey's Color Fun Run the other morning and I became a first-timer when it came to 1) joining a color run, and 2) running along Roxas Boulevard

photo credit: ARC PR
The moment I saw Shakey's poster announcing the event to celebrate its 40th year anniversary, I sensed it would be fun. And it was! The course for all participants was just 5k so I was confident it won't be hard to finish because that distance, so far, is my comfort zone. 

Ready to run!
Photo credit: Dodie Legaspi
My husband and I arrived in Shakey's Raja Sulayman, Malate branch before 5AM and got our race kits which included the bib, a white quick dry shirt, and goggles. Gun start was at 6AM and we joined hundreds of runners going to the U-turn at Buendia overpass.

Photo credit: ARC PR
I quite regretted telling hubby to go ahead of me like I always do during our practice runs (since he runs faster and doesn't walk) because I passed by couples and groups of friends who would stop and take selfies along the road. Since there's no time chip on the bibs, I guess there's no point about beating any personal records this time. Thankfully, a photographer friend of ours was there and got several shots of us while running.

Photo credit: Dodie Legaspi
There were people stationed along the route who threw colored powders on the runners. Eventually, the powder, when mixed with sweat, turned our shirts and skin like tie-dyed cloths. I didn't know how colorful I looked, especially my face (!), when I reached the finish line after 40 minutes or so. I only realized how much the "devastation" was when I looked closely at this couple selfie we took at the photo wall.    

the "homeless" look :p
Still, despite the "taong grasa" peg, I enjoyed the experience. As a bonus, I got another finisher's medal! And that's my second in less than a week! (Read the story about how I earned the first one, here).

Yey! My second 5k finisher's medal!
After the run, we had a hearty breakfast at Shakey's and I opted for mushroom soup, pasta, and a glass of refreshing lemon cucumber juice. That was a great treat for waking up very early! 

Breakfast at Shakey's
The Shakey's Color Fun Run is the brand's way of giving thanks to the Filipino family and of celebrating Good Times and Great Memories for the past 40 years. Now, I have new Shakey's memories to add to my list! :) 

Photo credit: Dodie Legaspi
* For those who joined the run and want to see more photos, check out this album in ARC Public Relations, Inc.'s Facebook page. 

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