Monday, March 16, 2015

Earning my First Finisher's Medal at the 7-Eleven 1500 Run

When it comes to running, I can definitely say I'm not the competitive type. I just try to enjoy the health benefits this sport has been giving me. Since I started running again last year, I found myself less prone to being out of breath even during simple activities such as sprinting to catch the MRT or climbing a long flight of stairs. 

Every time my hubby brings home another medal or finisher's shirt from joining 21k or 42k races, or when I see friends' posts on Facebook about their running achievements, I feel happy for them because I know they've really set goals to run faster distances.  

Me? I'm simply content being able to finish 5k in the races I've recently joined. It was so nice though to find out that every runner who'd join the 7-Eleven 1500 Run would get a finisher's medal. Yesterday, my husband ran 42k (barefoot) again while I signed up to finish another 5k. 

I found it amazing to be in Filinvest City at 4AM and finding it teeming with thousands of people. Due to the huge number of participants, our 5k wave got to start at 6AM. Like before, I started slow and steady to make sure that I keep running at least until I reach the first kilometer mark. After that, I alternately walked and run as my feet ate up the distances.

According to my phone, I finished 5k in 45:23. That's under one hour and is good enough for me! (Edit: found my official time, which is lower, and posting it here. Yey!) 

Hubby and our youngest son were already waiting for me when I crossed the finish line. I claimed my finisher's medal at the booth and happily posed for a photo. Hey, it's not every race where organizers give away these rewards for runners who finish below 21k!

So thanks 7-Eleven for that feel-good gesture!

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