Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SM Supports LED Technology

By now, many of us already know that one way to save on our electricity bill is to switch to using more energy-efficient appliances. For instance, the old CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions consume power way too much than LCD (liquid crystal display) and LED (light emitting diodes) TVs. Study this very informative power consumption comparison table from energyusecalculator.com.

Similarly, when it comes to lighting technology, households and commercial establishments should have already replaced by now their tube fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs. In our house, we are slowly eliminating CFLs (compact fluorescents) one at a time with the slightly more expensive but very energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Below is another power consumption comparison table, this time for light bulbs from www.designrecycleinc.com. The website has listed down a lot of benefits in choosing LEDs: they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and reduce electric bills; they don't contain toxic mercury that is present in incandescent bulbs; the lower energy consumption helps the environment by decreasing carbon dioxide and sulfur oxide emissions as well as high-level nuclear waste; they are very durable and don't have the tendency to catch fire, smoke, or emit bad odors like incandescent bulbs do.

LEDs are the future and are now steadily being used by commercial establishments here and abroad in recognition of their energy efficiency and low maintenance cost. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency said that they also last significantly longer than incandescent and fluorescent lights, and generate very little heat. 

SM has chosen to follow the trend, beginning with its parking spot finders or indicators. If you've noticed those green and red lights in SM parking lots, those are built with LEDs that provide savings to the mall in terms of power usage. 

SM Lanang Davao Parking Lot
Photo credit: alvinfirst in Skyscrapercity.com 
Customers also benefit from this lighting system because they save on fuel when trying to find a parking space as they no longer need to drive around and around needlessly. They just have to find a green light that means no car is under it and the slot is free to be occupied. 

Indeed, LEDs have numerous benefits, including the ones that are not so obvious when they were first introduced to the public. If you haven't switched to LED bulbs yet at home or in your business establishment, you may also want to do so. You'll be amazed at the savings you'll get as well as the safety factors!  

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