Get Creative! Join Freeway's Art Bag Design Contest Year 3!

Freeway is one of the fashion brands I personally love because it consistently comes up with great designs for clothing and accessories. The sizings of their clothes fit me very well, which is why some of my favorite items inside my closet have the Freeway label.

Aside from outfits though, I love, love, love Freeway's Art Bags! I own two but would love to collect more designs. A friend of mine, who's an art teacher, complimented my Ang Huling Babaylan bag just last New Year's eve. It is that eye-catching!

Honestly, I'd like to be able to create something as beautiful as those artworks featured on the bags but I don't think I have the talent for it. So I'll remain appreciative of those who can. And since I know several people who have extraordinary talents in drawing and painting, this post is for you …

The Freeway Art Bag Design Contest is back on its 3rd Year and is once again inviting all aspiring artists nationwide to showcase their creative skills! The contest last year was a huge hit as over 240 remarkable nationalistic-themed entries were submitted. The top two to stand out were created by grand winners Elito Job Mirasol for "Batok" and  Felicidad Plata for "Tanglaw". 

This year, Freeway is looking for another batch of talented artists whose artwork will be featured in Freeway’s next line of art bags as part of its next National Artist Collectors Series 2015! If you believe you have the creative skills and the passion to express your ideas read the full mechanics at

Good luck! I look forward to finding out if one of the artists who have read this particular blog post became one of the grand winners :)

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