Saturday, October 18, 2014

Reduce Body Fat and Cellulite with Cryo-Slim Technology at Ysa Skin Care Center

Many of us dislike having fatty bulges that make us very conscious about wearing snug-fitting clothes or outfits that expose certain body parts like the tummy. The thing is, there are some stubborn fat deposits that don't go away even with rigorous exercise. In the past, people who have the budget (and are not afraid of invasive procedures) would often resort to getting liposuction done on their problem areas.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford costly surgeries, or are intimidated by blades and needles, and are worried about potential complications. It's a good thing that trends in cosmetic procedures now include those that provide benefits without too much downtime or pain to interrupt peoples' busy lives.

Cryo-Slim in Ysa Skin Care Center is one such procedure that involves no surgery and is a more affordable alternative in eliminating body fat and cellulite. Here, ultrasound technology is used to break up fat deposits and allows cellulite to be removed selectively and safely.

The Cryocell machine uses low frequency ultrasound which is applied on the skin to break up the fatty tissue underneath into a liquid substance that the patient passes out of the body during visits to the toilet.

What I like about this Cryo technology is that it is painless and requires no anesthetic whatsoever. You just have to bear the quite heavy application of the wand, the coolness of the liquid applied on your tummy, and the very warm sensation on the skin for about an hour after the procedure. 

My therapist said I need to undergo about four sessions or more first to really see noticeable results. I've had three, so far, and appreciate the subtle, gradual changes. I was reminded though to combine this treatment with a healthier diet and more exercise so I've started to run again a couple of times a week. Here's looking forward to a flatter midsection soon! :) 

Visit your nearest Ysa Skin Care Center and inquire about Cryo-Slim, which is offered in discounted packages for several sessions. 

* Some tips: Avoid eating anything four hours before a Cryo treatment. Drink lots of water instead. To prevent the liquefied fats from solidifying, discipline yourself in avoiding the intake of cold beverages.

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