Sunday, October 26, 2014

Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta Celebrates National Pasta Month by Taking Regular Pasta Dishes to the Next Level

A lot of food lovers know that pasta has to be "al dente" or "firm to the bite." Who'd want mushy pasta anyway? This October, in celebration of National Pasta Month, Doña Elena Al Dente invites moms to take our regular pasta dishes to the next level, starting with the kind of pasta we use.

Shrimp Fettuccine Pasta
Doña Elena Al Dente is the only Artisan Quality Italian Pasta available in the Philippines. It is made using high quality, 100% durum wheat semolina. The artisan way of cooking pasta involves a slow drying process without subjecting ingredients to high heat and uses special bronze dies that leave a rough surface, which creates ridges on the pasta.

See the differences between pasta cut by teflon die vs. bronze die?

What's important to note here is that more ridges means sauces get to stick to the pasta better, thus making every bite more tasty and delicious. Doña Elena Al Dente is also GMO-free and is 100% certified all natural. Unlike other pasta that has 6% protein content, Doña Elena Al Dente has 13% protein as a result of the slow-cooking process that preserves nutrients. 

Foodie and entrepreneur RJ Ledesma shares anecdotes of his pasta experiences
High protein content in pasta benefits the body because it helps fight off illnesses; maintains healthy muscles; builds skin, hair, and nails; provide energy along with carbohydrates; and helps with tissue repair. And because our bodies do not store protein, it's essential to eat foods with protein every day.

cooking demo by Chef Michel
During the recent pasta appreciation event held at The Blackboard in Podium Mall, Chef Michel Cottabaren shared new recipes using Doña Elena Al Dente Penne Rigate, Fettuccine, and Lasagna. He reminded us not to put oil on the pasta when boiling because that's how you'll see its quality. With Doña Elena Al Dente, no oil is needed because the pieces won't stick together. That's nice to know, right?

Penne Rigate with Red Sauce
Doña Elena Al Dente variants come in Spaghetti (500g), Fettuccine (500g), Lasagna (500g), Penne Rigate (500g and 250g), and Fusili (500g and 250g).

Fly Ace Corporation staff and guests
Do come back and visit this blog again as I'll soon post a recipe or two using Doña Elena Al Dente pasta when I get to try cooking them at home. Meantime, for more information and other updates, make sure to like and visit

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