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Restaurant Review: Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House in Fisher Mall, Quezon City

I love Thai food and agree with Sir Gerry Apolinario, the successful entrepreneur behind Gerry's (formerly Gerry's Grill), when he described Thai cuisine as a combination of sweet, sour, hot, and salty flavors that makes it exotic and distinct. "With its immense popularity, it is impossible not to find a Thai restaurant even in Western countries." 

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Just recently, Gerry's Group of Companies added Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House to its growing portfolio of restaurant chains. The establishment is located in Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City.

I personally vouch that Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House offers diners a gastronomic experience. Its delicious dishes matched with friendly Pinoy service in a casual ambience will definitely make you come back again and again. "There are no shortcuts when your aim is to delight customers," Sir Gerry pointed out. "We import some of our key ingredients so that you taste nothing but real Thai cuisine.  

Kamias Shake - P55.00
In all honesty, everything I tried on their menu was delicious! And I can't say that about many of the restaurants I've been to in the past. Before I even got to take a bite of anything, I got to sip the Kamias Shake which tasted like a green mango shake without the overly sour aftertaste. Make sure to give this a try when you drop by! It's really, really good!

Tom Yum - P205.00
Let me also share that I love Sweet Chili's Seafood Tom Yum made of fresh shrimp, squid, and fish in authentic Thai herb soup. It has the right balance of flavors and doesn't burn the tongue at first sip. Because I didn't need to take a gulp of water after every spoonful, I thoroughly enjoyed my bowl and I would have gotten a second serving if we were not tasting other dishes.

Pad Thai with Egg - P185.00
The Pad Thai comes wrapped in egg with noodles that are firm and very tasty. I am always fascinated by the texture and flavor that the crushed peanuts on the side adds to the enjoyment of this meal.

Chicken Pandan - P265.00
If they were with me, my chicken-loving kids would most likely choose to order Sweet Chili's yummy Chicken Pandan with very tender meat wrapped in pandan leaves and are juicy to the bite. I highly recommend this to parents whose children are picky eaters.

Bagoong Rice (good for 4 persons) - P185.00
I am glad that Sweet Chili has Bagoong Rice in the menu because this is also one of my favorite Thai dishes. It is a complete meal in itself because it has sweet meat, egg strips, and slices of onions and green mangoes that, when combined, provide a burst of flavors that tickle and delight the palate.

Pork Liempo - P215.00
In addition, the Grilled Pork Liempo was a pleasant surprise. The meat is very tender, easy to cut, and chew. What sets it apart from pork belly served in other establishments is the lemon tamarind dip that gives a unique twist to the usual grilled food many of our tongues are already familiar with.

Crispy Catfish - P295.00
If you like seafood, do go for the Catfish in Salt and Pepper, which is lightly breaded and fried until crispy then topped with sautéed bell pepper and fried garlic sauce. I tell you, it is divinely delicious! I happily paired it with the bagoong rice and had a hard time stopping myself from eating too much!

Thako - P85.00
We wrapped up our meal with Thako, a scrumptious dessert of soft tapioca pearl and coconut cream topped with desiccated coconut in pandan leaves. One piece is not enough so I ate two :p I like its creamy texture and the fact that it is not too sweet. It's the perfect ending to a lovely dinner.

Check out the prices I indicated under each photo. Sweet Chili's dishes are good for sharing and are very affordable. "Excellent meals need not be expensive. We never compromise on taste and value for money," said Sir Gerry whose brand expansion began two years ago with the opening of Kusina ng Gerry's, a self-service, fast-casual restaurant offering value meals as low as P120. It has branches in Starmall San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan; SM Hypermarket in Taguig City; and Harbor Point Mall in Subic. It will open another branch at Starmall Cebu this year.

We were told that Sweet Chili will also be opening one more branch before 2014 ends. Meanwhile, Pinoy icon Gerry's has seven more branches set to open in time for the Christmas season to add to its more than 65 branches nationwide and five branches abroad (two in the U.S., two in Singapore, and one in Qatar).

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