Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Wisdom of Hiring an Attorney When Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

Time and again, we are bombarded with a lot of news about people who have met accidents on the job.

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I am sure it is really hard for those workers, who filed for benefits, to have their cases drag on for months and years. Many are unaware in the beginning how something could turn out to be so frustrating and stressful, not to mention, expensive. Thus, they need to have good legal counsel on their side.

I’ve read that even in the U.S., it takes a long time for complainants to get a court hearing and actually speak to a judge or trustee about their case. And then, when they finally appear in court, they find that there are employment specialists who will insist that they can go back to work, even in positions for which they are ill equipped. 

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As a result, they leave the court feeling humiliated and violated; one of the top causes why many drop their cases altogether. This is why, having a good attorney can help prepare them for court to avoid the unnecessary embarrassment.

Facing a judge or trustee whose job it is to disbelieve them, as well as occupational specialists whose duty it is to suggest jobs that they may or may not be able to do with their disability, can be intimidating, which makes hiring an attorney a wise decision.

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Moreover, an attorney and his legal team can validate the disability by gathering pertinent information such as doctor’s records, employment statements, x-rays, and other proof to confirm that their client cannot go back to work.

A competent attorney can also support clients’ testimony on how they were hurt and how returning to work could actually cause them more harm and injury. With sound legal counsel, complainants can have better chances of having their application for benefits approved faster. 

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The firm’s legal team can keep working on the case until clients get the approval needed from the court so they could begin receiving the benefits they deserve. 

Got your own questions about this topic? Learn more by reading FAQs and other relevant information in legitimate online resources such as the websites of legal firms. 

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