Friday, June 06, 2014

PhilStage Holds 2013 Gawad Buhay Awards at the Cultural Center of the Philippines

I love watching theater productions and continue to be amazed at the many talented stage actors and actresses we have in the Philippines as well as with the numerous people who work behind the scenes. 

Thus, when I got an invite to watch PhilStage's Gawad Buhay Awards for the first time, I didn't have to think twice. I knew it would be fun cheering for some of my favorite people and theater companies in the industry.

some of the hosts and presenters
The night was indeed full of hilarity as hosts and presenters made us laugh with their witty and humorous ad libs. Karylle and Christian Bautista opened the event with a beautiful number from Cinderella.

scenes from Grease, Ibalong, Bluebird of Happiness, and The Nutcracker
The other production numbers (Grease, The Wonder Twins of Boac, Bluebird of Happiness, Sandosenang Sapatos, Der Kauffman, Ibalong, etc.) were also wonderful, I felt a big tinge of regret for not being able to watch many of them last year. I hope they get re-staged again in the future.

one of my favorite 2013 musicals - The Producers
I think the "Keep it Gay" scene from Repertory Philippines' The Producers garnered the most hoots and whistles though. After all, it is the only show where we have seen Sir Audie Gemora dressed resplendently in drag :) And he won a well-deserved award for that role.

PhilStage's Natatanging Gawad Buhay awardees
I didn't get to note down all the winners as I was kept busy taking shots of everything that was happening on stage. But you can view a lot of photos, including who were nominated and who won, in this blog's Facebook page album.

Casts of 9Works Theatrical's Grease and Trumpet's Bluebird of Happiness
Congratulations once again to all the winners and nominees. You are all amazing! Keep inspiring Filipinos with your talents and rest assured that I will continue to help spread the word about the Philippine Stage industry!

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