Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dunlopillo Philippines Launches Mattresses That Promise the Perfect Sleep Experience

By now, many of us already know that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Imagine reaching the age of 75 ... that means you slept for 25 years! So it is just right that we get to lie down every night somewhere we can be most comfortable. After all, nothing beats a full night's rest on top of a very nice bed. 

It was in 1929 when Mr. E.A. Murphy of Dunlop created a new brand of latex foam that became the bedrock of a brand committed to providing a wide range of benefits. Now, Dunlopillo's legacy of comfort is said to be possibly the best in the world.

Recently, Dunlopillo was introduced to members of the media and some VIP guests at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. Hosted by Issa Litton, the event featured Dunlopillo Philippines' three ambassadors who personally experienced the comfort that their chosen Dunlopillo mattresses provide.

Issa interviewing Aly, Jessica, and Grace
Football athlete Aly Borromeo shared how a knee injury used to radiate upwards and become back pains each morning. After several nights sleeping on a Romero mattress, he said he no longer gets out of bed doubled in pain. This mattress is made of premium micro-suede fabric and has individual pocketed spring system, convoluted foam support, a box top design, and foam encasement edge support.

Furniture and interior designer Jessica Kienle agreed that a good mattress is key for a good night's sleep. She shared that the Elizabeth mattress is her favorite among Dunlopillo's line because of its softness. My friends and I tried the Elizabeth and found that it indeed really nice to lie down on! Actually, all the Dunlopillo mattresses are very comfortable so I had difficulties choosing which one I really like the most.

trying out the Cashmerian
Blogger Grace Baja, compared that, "Finding the right mattress is like finding the right partner." She admitted loving the Cashmerian mattress which is kind of in between the firmness of the Romero and the softness of the Elizabeth. This one is made of Dunlopillo Gel II, thermic silk cashmere, and has duo comfort pocketed spring system. 

To further expound, the pocketed spring system means each spring arrangement is based on the body's five zones: head, shoulders, waist, hips, and thighs. The varying degrees of support for each zone relieves pressure points to ensure that the body remains balanced even during sleep. 

You gotta love the beautiful surface designs of these mattresses!
What piqued my interest was when it was mentioned that each mattress has unique temperature-control properties that incorporate technology originally developed by NASA and where Thermocules accumulate and release heat as needed, producing the required temperature control to balance the body's changing requirements. Cool, huh?

Dunlopillo also harnesses Nano Silver Technology by infusing minute silver particles within each exclusive Talalay Latex mattress. The result? The Talasilver Latex kills and prevents the growth and spread of bacteria, dust mites, and other harmful organisms. 

Yes, we literally tried lying down on the Elizabeth and we didn't want to get up!
There are a lot more other nice features that you should discover for yourself when you encounter a Dunlopillo mattress. What I've observed was Dunlopillo has really thoughtfully engineered its mattresses both inside and out. The mattresses are quite pricey though but, if you can afford one, you are definitely assured of refreshed awakenings every morning.

Dunlopillo is available in:
#16 Acropolis Commercial Area, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis, Quezon City (Tel. 9111672), EDSA Cubao (Tel. 9131975), MC Home Depot Fort (Tel. 8156217), and Cebu (032-3451378). 

on top of a Romero
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