Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Downy Parfum Collection Launches Its Scent Switcher Technology That Exudes Fine Fragrances to Instantly Match Every Mood

Who would have thought that scent-changing clothes could be a reality? It is now! And I have experienced it myself! :)

A few days ago, Downy Parfum Collection presented a breakthrough technology in fabric conditioner. The Downy Scent Switcher makes it possible for women to experience a rainbow of scents from one of the world's best perfumers, instantly, with every rub! 

During the official media launch at The Blue Leaf - Silk in Taguig, we got to listen to P&G expert perfumer, Junji Hamano of Japan, as he introduced the new technology in Downy's four fragrance variants:

~ Happiness brings a playful and breezy vibe with the freshness of fruits, creamy floral mix, and a sophisticated frame of woody, powdery, and musky notes

~ Innocence mesmerizes the senses with its charming combination of raspberries, fresh flowers, and rich and precious amber

~ Passion delights the senses with the fruity, sweet fragrance of apple blossom, freesia, and vanilla

~ Mystique evokes oriental, spicy, and floral mix of grapefruit, delicate floral scents, and aromatic spices 

Nicole, Bianca, and Junji
According to Downy Brand Manager Nicole Villarojo, the technology behind the new Downy Scent Switcher involves two different scents in advanced, touch-activated Perfume Microcapsules (PMC) added on top of the existing Downy perfume oils. "This produces a diverse fabric perfume experience because, every time you rub the same portion of your clothes, you enjoy a switch in its scent," she shared.

I was among those who marveled at the event venue because we literally entered a fragrant world filled with fabric art installations and performances that included a fabric pas de deux, fabric dances, and a scent mob fashion show. The models, who wore beautiful and colorful clothes, went around the room to let us smell and rub then smell and rub their clothes again several times to get a whiff of the changing scents. 

Personally, I was happily amazed to discover for myself that the scent switcher technology really works! I couldn't wait to try the new products although I've already been using the different variants of the Downy Parfum Collection since it was first launched.

Present during the event was Bianca Gonzalez, Downy's new brand ambassador, who revealed that, "With the new Downy Scent Switcher line, I can start and end my day without worrying about the need to change my clothes or put on a different perfume. I just rub my Downy-rinsed outfit and instantly release new and different scents that match my current mood."

As a long-time user of the Downy Parfum Collection line (I use a different Downy variant for my hubby's and boys' clothes because they wanted a more manly scent LOL), I appreciate how P&G continues to innovate and come up with new and delightful fragrance experiences that people can really appreciate and remember. 

Indulge, too, in fine fragrances that match every mood instantly. Let the Downy Scent Switcher allow you to experience different perfumes every time you rub your clothes! These new products are now available in supermarkets nationwide. 

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