Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unilever's Pureit Excella: A Water Purifier Every Home Should Have

Safe and clean drinking water is a basic need. And yet, unfortunately, it is not easily accessible to, nor affordable for, a lot of Filipinos! 

I know a lot of households that have to shell out a big chunk of their budget to buy drinking water from refilling stations. I also know people who choose to boil water from the tap to kill water-borne bacteria. But, if you add up the long-term costs, both ways can be pretty expensive!

As for us, we've had an in-line water purifier installed a couple of years ago. Our problems with this system though include having no purified water every time Maynilad suddenly decides to disrupt their service without any warning. And that has been happening often these past few weeks, which is very, very inconvenient because we'd have to resort to buying bottled water each time we're caught unprepared. 

Another concern that really frustrates me is the uncertainty of when or how often we should change the filter. There are no exact indicators and it can be difficult to determine because how soiled a filter gets depends on factors such as a household's drinking water usage and how dirty the water from the tap is or, in the case of some houses in our village, from a deep well coursed through a water tank.

When I got introduced to Unilver's Pure It Excella a couple of weeks ago, I was honestly impressed. Aside from it being the only water purifier in the market to meet US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, I love its Germkill Life Indicator with advanced auto shut off feature, which basically will let you know the exact time when you should change your filter! 

During the demo, a Unilever representative put obviously dirty and yellow water inside the filter. In time, the water came out clear and clean. My friends and I even drank it to see for ourselves that the bad smell and color were really gone. And they were!

It saddens me that the lack of sustainable access to safe drinking water is not just a problem in the Philippines. It's a global concern affecting over 884 million people, including 16 million Filipinos, according to the United Nations (UN).

In 2010, the UN declared that "access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation is a human right essential to the full enjoyment of life". Thus, one of the Millennium Development Goals is to reduce in half, by 2015, the number of people who have difficulties accessing safe drinking water.

Unilever answered the call to this global challenge through in-home water purification developed by their technical experts across global research centers in the United Kingdom and India in partnership with government bodies and scientific and public health institutions. They've come up with Pureit, an effective and affordable solution.

Today, Pureit helps protect more than 45 million lives. It is the world's largest selling in-home water purifier brand with global footprints across 13 countries, including the Philippines. "Central to Unilever's mission to make sustainable living commonplace all over the world, we are launching Pureit to provide Filipino families access to guaranteed clean and safe drinking water, as certified by both international and local health institutions like the Department of Health and the Philippine Public Health Association," said Brian Duruin, Pureit brand manager.

To understand better this state-of-the-art purification technology, here's Pureit Excella's process in turning potentially dangerous tap water into a fountain of health by purifying water twice to give users complete germ protection:

1. The first level of purification consists of three simple yet valuable layers of protection where water initially passes through the Germkill Processor that disinfects the water of all all bacteria, viruses, and germs.
2. Water passes through the Advanced Microfiber Mesh that filters out precipitates such as visible and invisible dust and dirt particles, as well as metallic impurities.
3. The Carbon Polisher removes pesticides, chlorine, and odor from the water, before it goes to the second level of purification.
4. This second level is performed by the Micro-charged Membrance, which further purifies the water by removing any remaining parasites or bacteria -- assuring families of protection against diseases.
5. The end product is clear, fresh, and natural-tasting water that's free from harmful agents.

My family and I have been using Pureit Excella for the past two weeks now and I can frankly say it is a useful and money-saving kitchen must-have. It eliminates the hassle of buying expensive bottled or refilled water as well as removes the risk of contamination through unclean containers or storage areas. 

Pureit Excella is very easy to assemble. My 18-year-old son did it by himself and said the instructions are very easy to follow. It provides the highest standard for safe drinking water without the need for electricity or continuous water supply. 

With the looming three-day water interruption this Holy Week that Maynilad inconsiderately scheduled (just when most people are home from school and work and have time to do the laundry and clean the house -- how can you do that without enough water???), I am very thankful that we have Pureit Excella  because we need not worry about where to get a sustainable supply of drinking water the whole time there's no water from the tap.

For more information, please log on to http://www.pureitwater.com/PH/

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