Sunsilk Girls Sarah Geronimo, Jasmine Curtis Smith, and Julia Montes Say Fun Begins With #SunsilkHairkada Adventures

Young ladies today are more spirited and outgoing than the previous generations. They enjoy bonding with close friends and go on adventures that fulfill the pursuit of their shared passions. These girls are not afraid to try new things and simply have fun doing various activities without holding back.

with two of my blogger girl friends trying out headbands at the Sunsilk event 
One thing though that limits that adventurous spirit is a bad hair day. I can totally relate! For many young ones, sports, shopping, and a stroll outdoors is always made better when one has beautiful hair that allows you to be carefree all throughout the day. After all, nothing beats smooth and fragrant hair to perk any girl up.

During the recent Sunsilk Philippines event hosted by Sam Oh, we found out that three of today's hottest young stars also enjoy bonding moments with their friends. This #SunsilkHairkada is composed of pop princess Sarah Geronimo, chic and sassy Jasmine Curtis Smith, and primetime princess Julia Montes.

Julia, Sarah, and Jasmine
Although they all have very busy schedules, the three lovely ladies shared that they never fail to find time to indulge once in a while in taking a moment to be spontaneous, expect the unexpected, and have fun chasing new adventures, without compromising their beautiful hair.

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pink balloons tied with #Hairkada adventure wishes
Like Sarah, Jasmine, and Julia, I am sure thousands of other young Filipinas dream of pursuing their passions and going on epic adventures of their own. This is your chance! Join Sunsilk Philippines' #Hairkada Adventure Contest! 

Click this to view the complete mechanics. Promo duration is from March 10 to May 25, 2014.

Good luck! Continue celebrating the joys of being young and free along with having great hair, all day!

*For more photos taken during the event at Greenfield District Park, click here

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