Matteo Guidicelli Stars in the Mentos Strawberry Mix Thrillogy

A different kind of candy needs a different kind of leading man! This is why Mentos Philippines signed up Matteo Guidicelli to star in a uniquely entertaining online experience that shows Matteo's multi-faceted persona.

The Filipino-Italian award-winning actor, athlete, and all-around heartthrob is not one to shy away from stuff that may make other run-of-the-mill young stars to take a step back. Matteo is all about pushing the limits in pursuit of his passions. After all, he has proven a lot these past few years that he can take on challenging acting roles, break records on a racing circuit, and join extreme sports like the XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon Global Championships.

This 2014, the buzz-worthy dreamboat shows different sides of him that people may already be aware of, but haven't seen firsthand. In the Mentos Strawberry Mix Thrillogy, Matteo showcases what he has to offer to win the "girl of his dreams" with the help of two funny accomplices sporting strawberry heads. These Mentos Strawberry Hitmen make the ideal quirky allies on the following out-of-the-box adventures.

If you grew up playing Nintendo, you'll have a nice time remembering games like the Mario Brothers in The Thrill of the Chase video where you'll see Matteo's active, energetic side as he shows off his Action Star persona. Watch him do everything he could to earn honorary stuntman stripes and get a refreshing kick from a Sour Strawberry dragee inside Mentos Strawberry Mix.

With his Italian roots, Matteo easily manifested his romantic side in The Thrill of Declaring Your Love as he recites poetry with his adorable accent like a true Italian Lover who is as irresistible as the full flavor of Sweet Vanilla.   

For the ladies who prefer beaus who are more straightforward, Matteo steps up for the role in The Thrill of Being Real as the Boy Next Door whose charisma is evident sans the frills. His down-to-earth appeal will most likely win you over like the uncomplicated delightfulness of the Classic Strawberry flavor.

Girls will definitely find the guy they're looking for in one of those videos. After all, why settle for the ordinary if you can triple the thrill? As Mentos has been telling us all these years, try to get a kick out of the simplest things and take a chance every day to live out loud and live fresh!

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* Mentos is a Perfetti Van Melle product -- the European company that stamps the flavor of fun in other famous brands like Fruittella, Smint, Alpenliebe, and Chupa Chups.

** Click here to see more photos taken during the #MentosStrawberryMix #MentosThrillogy #triplethrill event

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